Smashing Cards by... Smashing Cards

We all want to send out a card now and then. The Fashion Series at Smashing Cards is fun and perfect for you and anyone else that adores fashion.
From 20th century fashion to babes & bombshells to bright ideas, and more- there is a look for everyone.

Those are my favorites from the Babes & Bombshells collection.

I love how each outfit looks against the nude background, they really pop. Each outfit is cute, too. This designers knows her cards and clothes. Bravo!

A set of 8 cards is is only $16.75 at smashingcards.com


RE*Generation Charm Contest - a contest that is raising awareness for homeless and abused kids

RE*generation is running a contest to help raise awareness about homeless and abused children. A very good cause & a fun project for all of us creative types.

Check out this page to learn more about this important cause, and visit .this page to enter.


Casual day out

Some days you are going to go out, but you're not sure where- maybe you have a couple of errands to run on a hot day and you might meet up with your man for lunch, or your girlfriends for coffee. Something easy to wear, that is also cute, is a must.

This outfit is colorful, flattering, flirtatious, and effortless. Just what you need on a hot, humid summer day when you don't want to fuss at all.

The brown top is by a brand call Ana!s, available at starsandinfinitedarkness.com. The color is a gorgeous chocolate brown which looks great on pretty much anyone- honestly, thinking about it, I don't recall seeing anyone that looks awful in brown. Points! The cut is flattering, the fabric is comfortable as can be, and the interesting crocheted flowers give that basic cami a unique, feminine flair that takes is from boring to adorable. $63 at starsandinfinitedarkness.com.

I have a hard time with prints, personally they don't really work for me. Not that that really matters, because they probably work on you and that's what I'm here for- well, I'm trying, at least.
I love the fact that there are so many contrasting colors in this printed skirt. Each little design pops from the white background and compliments the rest. The design would be flattering on any figure and the print is simply fun. Plus, it's silk. I mean, whould doesn't LOVE silk?
The skirt is by a brand called
I love the fact that there are so many contrasting colors in this Tibi, available at
I love the fact that there are so many contrasting colors in this shoptoken.com for $192

Shoes are important. Too many people do not pay attention to them. I will see a super cute outfit (like above), and then I'll see someone wearing... flip flops. I mean, come on- we all love them for the comfort and convenience, but they are not fashionable, ladies and gents. They are just easy, and that's OK with jeans and tank top or at the beach, but aside from that: don't do it. Wear beautiful shoes. Wear sandals like the ones by Kenzo in the above outfit. They are beautifully made and beautiful to look at. These are incredibly versatile and would work with hundreds of outfits throughout the years. Available at josephineonline.com for $250.

Some would say with a neckline like that, a necklace isn't necessary- while I agree this is sometimes true, I say, "Screw that," in this case. A necklace always looks great in outfit like this- in an outfit like this, more is more. This gorg necklace by Bijou Boutique is earthy, yet thankfully chic. Let's face it, big wood beads can look like you picked them up from your yard and drilled holes in them- but, here, they are rich, polished, and gorgeous. Here they are the perfect pairing with the gorgeous, shining Jasper. Only $80 at bijouboutique.com.

Thanks to a response by a lovely INDEPENDENTluxe reader, I was introduced to a handbag designer, Hark Designs. I was impressed by the basic ideas infused with unique shapes and proportions with linings that really pop.
I love this drawstring bag because it is all of those things. Fun, funky, versatile, wearable. This bag is simple, yet showstopping. $200 at harkdesigns.com.

Put it all together and you've got one hell of a cute outfit.