Wired Originals Jewelry

Wrapture bracelet, $70 at wiredoriginals.com

Life can be a little chaotic, but we have to admit: there is a sort naturalness to this chaotic life. It can be a little messy, but there's a formula, and sometimes it comes out in art. And, it can be beautiful.

Empire earrings, $30 at wiredoriginals.com

The jewelry at Wired Originals takes my lovely theory and uses it to create well made, handcrafted jewelry using beautiful stones & glass with intricate wire weaving and wrapping. There's also some leather in the mix, which I am huge fan of.

Isis I necklace, $42 at wiredoriginals.com

To quote the designer of
Wired Originals, I make each loop, dangle, clasp and wrap entirely by hand. Like many wire artists, I never use glue or flimsy jump rings in my designs.

Wired Originals also offers rings, which are fabulous. The Doily is my favorite.