Fab Find! Boutique of the Week

We are all looking for great websites to shop at these days- they often have more to choose from than our B&M stores, and they often have a lot more products that are handmade or they are independently owned; supporting the emerging designer and getting away from the dreaded chain store is a real treat.

What I love about Boutique of the Week is that they feature what I covet. Small online stores that provide everything from jewelry to handbags to bath & body, and so much more. They scour the internet to find the very best spots to shop and feature their faves weekly.

Another cool thing, every Thursday, they post the "bulletin board" which showcases sales, special events, and specials from various websites.

The sisters who run the show also welcome your leads- if you're a designer or shop owner, shoot them an email about your site. Maybe you'll be featured! And, if you're a customer of some fabulous place, let them know! Maybe your favorite designer or shop will land the awesome Boutique of the Week spot!

Check out their directory, here.
Check out the blog, here.
Checkout the current featured boutique, here.

You can thank me later for letting you know about this amazing website. ;)


Country Meadow Ltd.

More bath & body goodness for you to check out that is safe for the environment and animal friendly! Country Meadow offers so many goodies, you will have a blast checking out their website and their products!

From candles to lotions to body scrubs, and everything in between, you are definitely going to find something at Country Meadow to indulge in!

I had to pick more than two products to show you, there is just too much that I like at this bath & body shop!

This Busara Jute Gift Bag is one of my favorites. I love the way it looks, so organic, simple, and beautiful. With 'an exotic blend with notes of black pepper, elemi, nutmeg, juniper berries, ginger, clary sage, sandalwood, ylang ylang and cypress' this gift bag would be more than suitable for your favorite guy or girl, and if you have one of those "secret santa" things going on where you work, it would be perfect! These busara jute gift bags start at just $26.70!

I love sugar scrubs, they are just about my favorite shower thing there is. I love exfoliation and moisturizing, and sugar scrubs always have both! These little 3.5 ounce sugar scrub packets come in a variety of scents, including almond mocha, gingerbread, brown sugar & cinnamon, pineapple, orchard bloom, and more. They are a great size if you just want to try them out, or if you're looking for a cute little stocking stuffer, these are just $6.75. You can also get big tubs of scrub at Country Meadow!

Gift baskets are always nice. They are good for everyone, and they have such a wide variety of stuff, the recipient is bound to feel like a kid in a candy store. What I really like about the gift baskets at Country Meadow is that they are custom. You choose what you want them to be! And, they are packaged beautifully. Above is a custom Christmas basket, but there is so much more, too- you have to check them out!

Country Meadow has been kind enough to offer IndependentLuxe readers 20% off, plus a free gift from Country Meadow with the code Meeker08. The coupon is valid through 12.25.08!


Lindsay's Candle & Stuff

The holidays are coming up faster than you can say "Merry Christmas!"
It's time to start shopping.

I'm one of those people that likes to give others something they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves (but they want it). Like, my mom, for instance: she loves bath & body stuff, but she buys that generic junk that is far from being special or decadent.

In comes Lindsay's Candles & Stuff where you can buy beautifully scented candles, and indulgent bath and body products for you and yours.

I picked a couple of my current faves for you!

The ultimate gift basket. Filled with scented candles & soaps, and I even spy some lip balm in there which will defintely come in handy for the long, cold & dry winter ahead. A steal for handmade goodness at $35.

And, what about the little ones? Check the Monster Spray out!

Have a little one or two afraid of the monsters under the bed or the boogeyman in the closet? This will take care of it! Scented with lavender to calm and soothe, arm your tykes with this and they'll feel safe as can be and sleep like babies! Just $10 for 4 ounces. This will keep those scary creatures away for a long time!

And, mega-bonus! IndependentLuxe readers are getting hooked up by Lindsay's Candles & Stuff- you get 20% off with the code holiday. Just enter it when you checkout and get your deal!