Product Review: Kazam Body Care Foot Scrubbies

Kazam Natural Body Care is an itsy bitsy company that creates all natural body care products- soaps, lotions, massage oils, even hair care, and more.
Marjorie, the owner & creator of all things Kazam sent in her Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar a little while ago and it is delightful.
I waited a little while to put up this review because the Kazam website was getting a revamp and is now better than ever.

Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar, available at kazambodycare.com for $6.

Anyway. I love it. It's a light and refreshing, easy to rinse light exfoliate, and it smells good.
What I really love about it is the scent- let's face it, when we buy all natural, it usually smells all natural shortly after using it; this is not the case with the Kazam Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar! The scent is exhilirating without burning your nose like many minty body goods do, it also has this subtle coconut sweetness behind it that compliments and softens the mint perfectly. The result is a unique scent that almost anyone would appreciate it. I know your feet will.
The bar leaves your feet smelling sweet and feeling like satin.

Check out kazambodycare.com for this exfoliate for your feet and everything else body care.


Splurgeworthy: Renée Davide Handbags

Handbags. When I was younger, I never saw the point- they were a burden and what in the world would I put in them, anyway?

Swoop Tote in black, $585 at renéedavide.com

This isn't really the case any longer. I like bags, I have a thing for them now. When I see handbags like the ones offered at Reneé Davide, I am reminded of why they are so essential to every day style, and importantly, the function of handbags. They carry what you need every day. Your lip gloss, keys, wallet, business cards, etc. Then there are larger bags that can carry that additional water bottle (thankfully!), and the kind I would like most right now- the kind you can use as an overnight bag.

Reneé Davide has designed every type of bag mentioned here and has done it with an exquisite taste level and craftsmanship to match.

Sunday Satchel in cherry, $420 at renéedavide.com

Museum Tote (aka, just the kind of overnight bag one would need) in caramel, $520 at renéedavide.com

Each bag is crafted with beautiful leather and subtle, yet impactful detail- just great design. Each bag is versatile and timeless, but with a novel twist that gives them personality that many handbags lack. There's just something about them. Check them out and give yourself the splurge you deserve at renéedavide.com


Furniture Find: Dean Pulver

I am, generally speaking, a big fan of modern furniture. On occassion, though, more rustic & classic pieces strike me. Something about Dean Pulver's handcrafted furniture did just that. The rich colors, interesting textures, and innovative designs stand out.

My Tall Friend, dyed Walnut chair: $2800; I Pray: hall table, constructed of Lacewood and dyed Walnut: $1400; Mirrored Cabinet, Padauk and dyed Walnut: $6000

To see more unique furniture created by Dean Pulver visit deanpulver.com.


Le Train Bleu is having a sale!

One of INDEPENDENTluxe's favorite spots to shop is having a sale. A big 30% off sale (Rebecca Taylor excluded). Just enter moving in the code section to get your 30% off and buy a lot, because Le Train Bleu rocks.


Cutest Find So Far: Plueys!

We've been getting hit every few days with a bit of rain in Connecticut for the past week or so, so it's seems super appropriate to post about the cutest find ever: plueys.com.

Plueys was created by a lovely young lady that wanted cute, functional boots to wear in the rain so she didn't have to ruin her stilettos and other hot shoes. She has definitely created what she set out to with a line of rubber boots that are colorful and fun, as well as functional.

Not only does Plueys offer these boots for women, but children can get in on the fun, as well. Plueys also offers umbrellas and each pair of boots comes with a boot bag at no additional cost (well, unless you want more than one, then they're just a dollar more a piece).

Go buy a pair for yourself for $55, and some for the children in your life (if you have any) for $21.


Cool Find: ZAUM Handbags

Bags should be fun and functional, and the handbags at ZAUM are just that. They are bold and unique and unlike anything I've seen around. Cool, eh? That's why ZAUM is an INDEPENDENTluxe Cool Find today.

The totes are from the ZAUM collection called Il Cubo and start a mere $30! The messenger bag from the Avia collection with the cool swirve detail is $150. And the most adorable little purse on their site from the Tetra Piccola collection is just $20.

The bags at ZAUM are also vegetarian friendly and affordable. Two very good things.


the Happily Handmade Giveaway is awesome.

Well, it is.
The Happily Handmade Giveaway is probably what you guessed it was- a place where you can win handmade goods in a big gift basket. Actually, there are a bunch of gift baskets, which means there are a lot of winners and the good news is you could be one of them.
Just go to the indie shop sponsors websites, join their mailing list, and be entered. It's pretty simple, yeah? See the Happily Handmade Giveaway for more details and a list of participating designers & boutiques.