Fabulous Find: Elnie Dress

Everyone is always looking for a dress that will work from work to drinks or a date with your guy. This is the dress! It is sexy, the fit is absolutely gorgeous.

For work, wear a nice, simple camisole underneath to make that keyhole a little less risqué. After work, take that cami off and look absolutely hot!

The subtle details make it really unique and the price is unbelievably affordable for such a versatile piece.

Throw on some fishnets and patent leather peep-toes and you are ready to go.

Elnie Dress, just $210 at shootoutthestars.com.

INDEPENDENTluxe readers will receive a FREE GIFT when they order the Elnie dress at shootoutthestars.com. Just email the designer (kkofibru AT gmail.com), Kpoené, with the code Mluxe to get your free gift with the dress. No, I don't know what the gift is! But, who cares, the hot dress is what matters!


Product Review: bōbē bath essentials

Whoa! bōbē bath essentials really knows their stuff when it comes to whipped body butter and lip balm.
I want to run down the streets screaming about how amazing this stuff is and how flippin' inexpensive it is for what you get!

Bag o' goodies from bōbēbathessentials.com
First impressions are everything, right? Well, I agree and disagree, I mean someone may be having a really bad day when you first meet them, which is certainly going to effect them in some way that isn't the norm. Anyway, I liked this first impression. The clear cellophane bag let's you see what you're getting right away and the curled ribbon makes it feel like a gift- which it practically is, since it's so inexpensive!

bōbē bath essentials buttercream vanille and candy apple kisses lip balm, and raspberry lemonade body butter. Awesome stuff!

Raspberry Lemonade soy fabulous whipped body butter, $6.60 USD (what?!?) at bōbēbathessentials.com

So, you open up a nice jar that is sealed securely and you are hit with this refreshing, crisp scent- a mix of fruity raspberry mixed with zesty lemon. It's amazing. You stick your fingers in the whipped body butter and feel this amazing consistency. I don't even know how to describe it because it's not like any other lotion, body cream or butter that I have ever tried. It feels luxurious, thick, airy, and cool.

You put it on your skin and and your skin screams from utter joy! You feel exhilirated and you smell absolutely delicious.

The photo of this raspberry lemonade body butter doesn't really do it justice. You know how great it looks here? Well, it looks even more amazing in person and feels 100 times better when you get it on your moisture deprived skin. This is the stuff that you've been looking for and there are a million (um, something like that) more scents available- I'm sure they'll be just as delicious!

I am kind of a lip gloss and lip balm freak. I just love it- I mean, what's not to love? It can add moisture, shine, color, or flavor, or all of the above at once. Some days, though, I just want a simple lip balm that tastes good and simply moistures without any riff-raff.

Candy Apple Kisses and Buttercream Vanille lip balms, just $2.91 USD at bōbēbathessentials.com.

These lip balms do just that. The moisture perfectly, aren't sticky or any kind of weird on your lips. Just smooth, creamy, and flavored so well that you want to eat them. Of course, DO NOT EAT THEM! I made my old boyfriend (or whatever) try the buttercream vanille and he was like, "I want to eat this it smells so good." Seriously, if you have a craving for cake, you should try this- maybe just the scent will satisfy the urge to indulge- it's that good, people!

Treat your self to tasty and delicious bath & body goods at bōbē bath essentials. You'll love their stuff!


Cool Find: Bryozoan Arts

I'm a fan of art. Glass, painting, sculpture, pottery, metalwork. Bryozoan Arts has a little bit of everything and I like it.

Spiral Nebula Mosaic Disc by Biolum Glass, $850 at bryozoanarts.com

My favorite section is the Glass & Ceramics part of the site- maybe because that's the most full category. But, every piece that Bryozoan Arts carries is colorful and bold. Truly standout as unique conversation pieces.

Harvest lamp by Biolum Glass, $280 and $450 at bryozoanarts.com

And, with art, we are guaranteed that each disc, lamp, or plate will be different due to being handmade. What's not to love about that?

Blue Fused Glass Plate by Jeff Enderwick, $175 at bryozoanarts.com

Support some artists.


Open Call

Hey designers,
Happy New Year!

Though some of you may have let me know about your site in 2006, it would be a good idea to remind me of your work in 2007.

Please send an email to independentluxe@gmail.com and let me know what you're pimping.

Keep in mind that I cannot respond to all emails, even if I love your stuff. I'm a busy girl.

Don't waste your time- if you sell cheap-o jewelry, bags that looks like they were made in high school sewing class, or anything too hobbyist looking, well... you won't find yourself on this blog. You know what high end means, I know you do!

Looking forward to hearing from you,