Mini Splurge: Spipo Designs

Jet Caviar Necklace, $105 at spipo.com

I love this necklace. Simple, decadent, unique and versatile. You could wear this with a cashmere sweater or a tank top with jeans- love that! It's a steal for $105, too.
Now, go buy it, you'll wear it with everything.


Submitting your work

Designers, businesses, PR people,
I love hearing from you, I do. But, to the right ---> I specifically ask you not to send me attachments unless you ask or if I request you email me something. From now on, if an email has attachments without prior notice or whatever, I'm just going to delete. I may decide to not showcase your work ever because of this.

Also, as a designer myself, I always wondered how you were supposed to approach a website or blog that you'd like to be mentioned on. I always thought being polite was the way to go.
Sending an email that says, "check out xxxx.com" without a please or thank you is NOT the way to go. It's rude. Deleted, you are. How about saying something like...
"Hey Kelly, I design xxx, this is my site: xxxx, and I would like you to check it out. Thank you (key phrase, here), xxx."

I've actually received emails with just a URL- well, guess what? You're not that special. I get TONS of emails daily, I need to know some details before I take time to actually check out one's website. Give them to me or I'm just going to delete emails like that from now on.

OH!!!!!!! One more thing, do NOT add me to your mailing list without asking me or without me signing up. This a bad sign to me and makes me wonder if you do this to your customers without permission- SPAM is bad, folks- super unprofessional.

To all of you who are super friendly, polite, and just overall delightful- I appreciate you appreciating IndependentLuxe and look forward to hearing from you.


Shipping Upgrade: Kelly Meeker Designs

Just a quick note to all Kelly Meeker Designs shoppers- if you've been holding out and still want to order something for someone for Christmas, there is hope! All orders over $100 placed before 3 P.M. December 20th will receive FREE UPS SECOND DAY AIR SHIPPING*. Choose UPS 2nd Day air as your shipping option when you checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal.
* This offer is NOT combinable with any other discounts.

Go shop at kellymeekerdesigns.com!


Handbags: Elezar

Handbags are nice. Functional and pretty.
Elezar brings you more- each handbag has a distinct design with interesting details and high quality construction.

Brown leather Morgan shoulder bag, $378. Green leather Highbury barrel bag, $338.

Launched in Fall 2005 by two childhood friends,
Elezar handbags are still very new and very much emerging.

Pearl Wine leather Morgan large shoulder bag, $558

The large Morgan shoulder bag is my favorite. It's substantial and obviously very well made. The zipper details add just the right amount of uniqueness without being overdone. I am also a fan of the rich pearl Wine color, although it's available in a few more hues, as well.

You'll love the bags at
Elezar, go check them out and
buy yourself one.


Beautiful Bracelets: Fuss Jewelry

When Wendy at Fuss Jewelry emailed me a week or two ago, I checked out her work immediately. What struck me right away was her bracelets- they are bold, unique, and gorgeous.

I love the controlled messiness of the wire that holds the overlapping stones in places. The contrast of the beads in this piece is beautiful and versatile. $75 at fussjewelry.com.

What I love of about this bracelet is it's easiness. It's fluid, smooth, and lustrous. There is a nice balance of elegance and edginess in this piece. $75 at fussjewelry.com.

I wanted to show everyone something else of Wendy's, as well. Though, I could go on and on about those bracelets- wish she had more to show! Anyhow... these earrings really make you stop and look, don't they? The brown and purple combo is always nice, but what I found particularly interesting was the combination of shapes. I am also a fan of the use of striped Agate in this pair of earrings, it adds interest to an already cool designs. $85 at fussjewelry.com


Fun Stuff: Indielicious Bazaar!

If you're in the area, go check out the fabulous filled Indielicious Holiday Bazaar.
Where: the Micro Museum ®, 123 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY.
When: December 17th, 2006 from 12p.m. to 5p.m.

If you go, let them know you found out about the event on INDEPENDENTluxe!


Two Space Studio

Niagara Dress
in Pearl, $117 at twospacestudio.com.
How cute is this dress? It's offered in some solids, but I thought I'd have a little fun and show off this print- wear it work, out to lunch, whatever. It's going to look great!

Comfort is important. We all like to look good, too. Those are just a couple of reasons why Two Space Studio is being featured today.

Not only do they deliver comfort and style, but you'll find the clothing is different from your run of the mill basics. They are supple, with unique details that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Tether Dress
in red, $170 at twospacestudio.com
Really unique- the elasticized sleeve is a nice detail, for when you want to push your sleeves up and the ties at the neck can work in a few ways, too. This
dress would be great for a day you're going to the beach for the and then dinner afterword. It's comfortable, not too casual, and versatile- you can definitely
dress this up or down.

Chalet top
in green, $98 at twospacestudio.com.
A long sleeve shirt is essential for any climate. This one is exquisite. I love the longer length combined with the perfectly draped cowl neck and raglan sleeves. It looks
incredibly comfortable and I want one right now.


Sale Spotlight: Kelly Meeker Designs

Who doesn't like a sale? Head on over to Kelly Meeker Designs to take advantage of that 20% off now through December 15th, 2006 with the code holiday06.

Go get some sparkle!