Wired Originals Jewelry

Wrapture bracelet, $70 at wiredoriginals.com

Life can be a little chaotic, but we have to admit: there is a sort naturalness to this chaotic life. It can be a little messy, but there's a formula, and sometimes it comes out in art. And, it can be beautiful.

Empire earrings, $30 at wiredoriginals.com

The jewelry at Wired Originals takes my lovely theory and uses it to create well made, handcrafted jewelry using beautiful stones & glass with intricate wire weaving and wrapping. There's also some leather in the mix, which I am huge fan of.

Isis I necklace, $42 at wiredoriginals.com

To quote the designer of
Wired Originals, I make each loop, dangle, clasp and wrap entirely by hand. Like many wire artists, I never use glue or flimsy jump rings in my designs.

Wired Originals also offers rings, which are fabulous. The Doily is my favorite.


Erin Lilies Handcrafted Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes

I like chainmail. There is something about it that brings forth a feeling of strength.

At Erin Lilies you will find jewelry created using classic & modern chainmail styles. The jewelry is elegant and expertly handcrafted.

Jaded Necklace, $129 at erinlilies.com

Stunning Earrings, $42 at erinlilies.com

Ballroom Blitz bracelet, $72 at erinlilies.com.

As you can see from these photos, each piece is created with great care and attention to detail. "Simple" designs made with meticulous planning and craftsmanship that you do not see often enough.

Strong jewelry for strong women at Erin Lilies. There are also incredible handmade jewelry boxes made by the designers husband available. Just as strong, beautiful, and elegant as the jewelry.


Mi SPA Holiday Pre-Sale

The beautiful online boutique for lovely home spa products, Mi SPA, is having a holiday presale.

A number of great things to pamper yourself are 20% off now through November 21, 2007. From candles, to lotions, diffusers, and gift sets- there a plenty of things to indulge yourself or your friends & family in.

INDEPENDENTluxe has reviewed Mi SPA products in the past and loved them! Click here if you're interested in reading the review.

Shop the holiday presale at mispa.com now.


30% off sale at Kelly Meeker Designs

Kelly Meeker Designs is having a midseason sale now through November 15th, 2007.

Everything on the site is included! Just enter midseason in the vouchers section during checkout & click recalculate to receive your 30% off!

This is Kelly Meeker Designs' biggest sale yet, so take advantage of it while you can!

Tons of new jewelry has been added to the collection in the past couple of weeks, as well.

Add some more sparkle to your wardrobe, shop now!



Kelly Meeker Designs is having an end of summer sale. Get 20% off* of all jewelry on site, coin Pearl jewelry is included in this sale, as well!

Just enter HOTHOTHOT in the voucher section of the checkout page, hit recalculate, and receive 20% off your entire order!

Go shop at kellymeekerdesigns.com!

Tell your friends about the KMD sale..

* Sale codes are not valid on custom orders or previous purchases!

* Sorry, codes are NOT combinable with other promotions.


Product Review: 5th Avenue Bath Co.

A few weeks ago, I received an unusually large package filled with a ton of bath and body goodies created by 5th Avenue Bath Co. This review has taken me a little longer to get up than usual because I had so many new things to try! And, of course, you need to try things one at a time to get a true sense of how much you like something and how it works for you.

I received a package with SEVEN samples. Seven different fantastic goodies to try!

So, please accept my apologies for taking longer than usual to 5th Avenue and my readers. I think you'll find it worth it. In the future, if something is as generous with their samples as 5th Ave., I'll break it up into a few different features.

Hand & Body Cream, $19.95.

I first tried the Luxurious Body Cream.
Fresh!Spring!Day! That is what this reminds me of. The scent is SO refreshing and airy and crisp. The cream itsself does an awesome job of moisturizing your skin. LOVE IT! This absorbs nice and fast, as well. INDEPENDENTluxe really appreciates fast absorbing moisturizers. I usually don't have time to wait around to get dressed, so this is ideal.

Then, I tried the Luxurious Body Moisturizer in Blackberry Pear. This is a very fruity, sweet scent that is striking. Not for those of us who like to be subtle. :) This is also a beautiful moisturizer. It works. It feels great and absorbs with the quickness. The consistency is smooth and light. I highly recommend trying it.

When I tried the next product. I fell in love with it. I have never tried a moisturizer that was this thick and creamy in my life. It feels amazing and makes your skin look absolutely phenomenal.

Foot & Leg Moisturizer with Shea Butter, $12.95

I received a sample in the Bergamot scent. It's citrus-y and fresh. Light and delicous.

Look at how thick that stuff is! AMAZING! Love, love, love it. I'd like about a gallon of this, so I could use it every day for the rest of the year!

Feet need special treatment. They are working all the time! After a rough day on your feet, it's nice to pamper yourself.

Rough Foot Soap with Goat's Milk, $5.99

The exfoliating foot soap from the 5th Ave. Bath Co. is awesome! The lather is really nice and the exfoliating scrubbies work wonders at softening your feet. You kind of feel like you got a pedicure after you use this soap. That is how awesome it is!

Speaking of exfoliators... I also got to try the Tootsie Tune Up scrub, and the Jojoba Exfoliating scrub. Both are really lovely.

Tootsie Tune Up Scrub, $15.95

Since I was just talking about feet, I'll continue with that... the Tootsie Tune Up scrub is nice and rough and filled with great moisturizing oils. If you have feet that are beat up from walking around barefoot or from walking in uncomfortable sandals during the summer, you need to get this. The scrub will kick your callouses ass. That's right! It means business and I love it.

The Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub is brand new at 5th Ave. Bath Co. So new, it's not even on the site, yet. How cool is that? This scrub is subtle, and makes your skin super happy. If you're in the mood for a light exfoliator that keeps that skin from looking like the desert, you should give this a try. I got to try it in the Pomegranate Martini scent, and it is totally delectable. Girly, but not overpowering.

Luxurious Lip Balm, $2.99

We all need a good lip balm. The luxurious lip balm line at 5th Ave. provides moisture that lasts and feels smooth & creamy on your lips. I got the Coconut Lemon Grass and it smells amazing. I love how you can smell it, but not taste it. You know, because flavored lip balms usually taste fake. This lip balm is simply excellent.

So, as I'm sure you gathered. I'm a big fan of the products at 5th Ave Bath Co. and think you'd benefit by giving them a try.

Erika from 5th Ave. wants INDEPENDENTluxe readers to know that not all scents are offered for all of their body goodies. However, if you see a scent you want that's not offered for a paticular product, write her a note in comment section when checking out and she'll do her best to give you what you want!


In Love: Moonblood

Something happened yesterday. I found graphic tees that made me want to wear graphic tees again.

Blue Scarabs tee, $38. Putty Super Hero, $42. Both available at moonblood.net

Each shirt is hand-printed and hand-dyed. Each will make you stand out in crowd for having impeccable taste and kick ass style.

The brand is MoonblooD. The owners are an adorable couple that go by the names Leo and Amy. Amy has a background in textiles and loves fashion. Leo background is in computer science. An odd pairing, perhaps, but a perfect one. Just look at how sick these shirts are!

Scarlet Feather Flight tee, $42 at moondblooD.net

The Feather Flight tee comes in a couple of colors, as do a few of their
other designs. This one in particular really stands out to me. The print really pops from this scarlet background. The Native American inspired drawing gives it a tribal appeal without making you feel like you're wearing something that you don't know about. You know what I mean? I see people in distressed Pink Floyd tees because they look cool, yet these people know nothing about Floyd (don't even get me started on that). They have just the
right amount of artistry that shows where the inspiration comes from without any fakeness.

As you can see above, they make shirts for boys, too. That is great, huh?
Men's Tut $38. Mauve Super Hero $38. Both at moonblooD.net

I love that they have tees for boys that don't look like every other tee you see. They have this artistic kick that makes them really different. They also aren't cluttered and overbearing like a lot of what's out there right now, either.

When they say, "Amy’s solid fashion background coupled with Leo’s European sensibilities give MoonblooD tee’s a unique flair." They are totally right.

Go support these awesome designers at moonblooD.net.


Product Review: Charlyn Koo

Package from Charlyn Koo.

I opened a package. Inside, I found a parchment paper envelope tied in brown satin ribbon. After removing the ribbon and opening this envelope, my breath was taken away by what was inside. Beautifully designed cards that are suitable for almost any occassion.

Cards from the Glitzy & Golden Collection at charlynkoo.com.

I actually don't know where to begin with this review. When I said my breath was taken away, this was not an exaggeration: I gasped when I saw the beauty of these cards. They are rich and well made. They stand out. The designs are completely unique and completely gorgeous, even frameworthy.

Tree card from the Glitzy & Golden Collection at charlynkoo.com

The first collection of cards I saw was from the Glitzy & Golden collection. Each card is rich in color with gold foil designs that are feminine, yet strong.

Inside the Tree Card from charylnkoo.com.

Inside isn't just blank paper, it's another sheet of paper with little flecks of color- this makes me think this paper is recycled, though it doesn't look or feel that way. It's perfectly smooth and very easy to write on.

The Glitzy & Golden collection from Charlyn Koo is absolutely stunning. Each design shimmers and sparkles with metallic yumminess and strong femininity.

Autumn After Rain collection from charlynkoo.com.

The next collection from Charlyn Koo that I have the honor of reviewing is the Autumn After Rain collection.

Koi Card from the Autumn After Rain collection at charlynkoo.com.

I can't even begin to tell you how much
I love this collection. It is colorful, imaginative, evocative, and ethereal. Really, it's inspiring. The combination of colors, it's subtle impact- these cards are
true works of art.

Inside the Koi card by charlynkoo.com.

Aside from the stunning exteriors of each card in the Autumn After Rain collection, there are interiors that are just as thoughtful. I never thought I could open a card and be impressed, but I was with these cards. Each is different, but equally as gorgeous.

Check out this page for a list of stores you can purchase Charlyn Koo's work from.
You will love it!


New Kelly Meeker Designs website

Kelly Meeker Designs has launched a new website for 2007 with a ton of new, fabulous jewelry.

KMD is offering FREE PRIORITY MAIL (international customers: FREE GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL) shipping to their customers with the code thanks.

Go scoop up some new sparklies with free shipping at kellymeekerdesigns.com!


Product Review: Luv 4 Country

With a name like
Luv 4 Country, you probably think homemade, craft fair goods of some kind. While the name may imply this, there is nothing homemade about the
awesome body products created by this small brand. Everything I tried was amazing.

Lotion, shaving cream, and healing salve from luv4country.com

London Lemon Curd Lotion, $10 at luv4country.com

The first product I tried was the London Lemon Curd Lotion. It smells delicious -literally- I opened it up and put it on my skin and was reminded of elementary school birthday parties with yellow cupcakes and vanilla frosting. If you are a fan of those and that scent, you will adore this lotion. Not only does it smell edible (don't even think about it, folks), but it feels fantastic- it's silky smooth and fast absorbing. It makes your skin feel GREAT.

Shaving Cream, $10 at

The next thing I tried was the
shaving cream. Whoa, girls! I don't want to go the TMI route, but I have to be honest and let you know that I get razor bumps in the most inconvenient places pretty much every time I shave, but I didn't get ONE -not ONE- razor bump when I used this
shaving cream, and I used it several times.
It is amazing, people. And, a little goes a long way!

I have to tell you that it takes a little getting used to, as it's not like your commercial
shaving cream. But, it is totally worth the adjustment. This stuff is smooth and it
lathers up beautifully.

Healing Salve, $3 @ luv4country.com

The last product from Luv 4 Country that I used is the healing salve. It works super well- being a jewelry designer, I often get little nicks and cuts that make wire wrapping and other things a little difficult. Having something like this healing salve makes those heal up super quickly. It works and it doesn't sting or anything. Love it!


Bold and Beautiful: Linda Trent Jewelry

Harvest bracelet, $100 or $110 at lindatrentjewelry.com

Sometimes you want to wear truly striking, colorful jewelry that draws attention from across the room. Linda Trent has jewelry that accomplishes this, as well as more delicate pieces for days you're feeling more ethereal.

Gemstone Encrusted Hoops, $90 or $100 at lindatrentjewelry.com

These gem enrusted hoops are so versatile, it's ridiculous. They are rich and sparkling with quality stones and craftswomanship.

Stormy Skies necklace, $150 or $160 at lindatrentjewelry.com

Moody and bold, this necklace is going to receive a ton of compliments. Beautiful stones and interesting design make a timeless piece that's worth every penny.

Looking for bold sparkle, shop at lindatrentjewelry.com.


Fabulous Find: Elnie Dress

Everyone is always looking for a dress that will work from work to drinks or a date with your guy. This is the dress! It is sexy, the fit is absolutely gorgeous.

For work, wear a nice, simple camisole underneath to make that keyhole a little less risqué. After work, take that cami off and look absolutely hot!

The subtle details make it really unique and the price is unbelievably affordable for such a versatile piece.

Throw on some fishnets and patent leather peep-toes and you are ready to go.

Elnie Dress, just $210 at shootoutthestars.com.

INDEPENDENTluxe readers will receive a FREE GIFT when they order the Elnie dress at shootoutthestars.com. Just email the designer (kkofibru AT gmail.com), Kpoené, with the code Mluxe to get your free gift with the dress. No, I don't know what the gift is! But, who cares, the hot dress is what matters!


Product Review: bōbē bath essentials

Whoa! bōbē bath essentials really knows their stuff when it comes to whipped body butter and lip balm.
I want to run down the streets screaming about how amazing this stuff is and how flippin' inexpensive it is for what you get!

Bag o' goodies from bōbēbathessentials.com
First impressions are everything, right? Well, I agree and disagree, I mean someone may be having a really bad day when you first meet them, which is certainly going to effect them in some way that isn't the norm. Anyway, I liked this first impression. The clear cellophane bag let's you see what you're getting right away and the curled ribbon makes it feel like a gift- which it practically is, since it's so inexpensive!

bōbē bath essentials buttercream vanille and candy apple kisses lip balm, and raspberry lemonade body butter. Awesome stuff!

Raspberry Lemonade soy fabulous whipped body butter, $6.60 USD (what?!?) at bōbēbathessentials.com

So, you open up a nice jar that is sealed securely and you are hit with this refreshing, crisp scent- a mix of fruity raspberry mixed with zesty lemon. It's amazing. You stick your fingers in the whipped body butter and feel this amazing consistency. I don't even know how to describe it because it's not like any other lotion, body cream or butter that I have ever tried. It feels luxurious, thick, airy, and cool.

You put it on your skin and and your skin screams from utter joy! You feel exhilirated and you smell absolutely delicious.

The photo of this raspberry lemonade body butter doesn't really do it justice. You know how great it looks here? Well, it looks even more amazing in person and feels 100 times better when you get it on your moisture deprived skin. This is the stuff that you've been looking for and there are a million (um, something like that) more scents available- I'm sure they'll be just as delicious!

I am kind of a lip gloss and lip balm freak. I just love it- I mean, what's not to love? It can add moisture, shine, color, or flavor, or all of the above at once. Some days, though, I just want a simple lip balm that tastes good and simply moistures without any riff-raff.

Candy Apple Kisses and Buttercream Vanille lip balms, just $2.91 USD at bōbēbathessentials.com.

These lip balms do just that. The moisture perfectly, aren't sticky or any kind of weird on your lips. Just smooth, creamy, and flavored so well that you want to eat them. Of course, DO NOT EAT THEM! I made my old boyfriend (or whatever) try the buttercream vanille and he was like, "I want to eat this it smells so good." Seriously, if you have a craving for cake, you should try this- maybe just the scent will satisfy the urge to indulge- it's that good, people!

Treat your self to tasty and delicious bath & body goods at bōbē bath essentials. You'll love their stuff!