Dottie's Delight - Vintage Inspired Lingerie

I have a problem- well, in reality I have quite a few- but the problem I'm talking about in this instance is lingerie. I love it.

Lingerie is something you can put on and instantaneously feel like a new woman. You can feel sexy, naughty, nice, innocent... it allows you to be anything you want at any given moment, have you the right lingerie.

Vintage Inspired Pin Up Panties, $35

You can put on a sweat suit afterward and still feel amazingly sexy. It's like magic.

In my endless searches I stumbled upon a very talented designer, her name is Stephanie, and her lingerie shop is called Dottie's Delights.

Vintage Inspired 50's Pin-Up Bustier, $275

Each panty, girdle, corset, or anything else she designs is meticulously crafted and custom made to fit your measurements exactly. How amazing is that!?

Every piece of lingerie at Dottie's Delights oozes vintage aesthetics using authentic vintage laces and ribbons, and some delicious modern materials.

Vintage Inspired 50's Pin Up Girdle, $75

When you visit this amazing custom lingerie boutique, you will see how special each piece is, but what's more, you can feel the passion the goes into each intimate design and know, that once you put it on, you will feel just as fascinating.


Bailey Doesn't Bark - Artful Wares

We all eat and drink, and we all need something to eat and drink from.

Rather than using your typical boring mugs and dishes, why not use something that is beautiful and fun? I'd rather wake up to drink my morning (and afternoon...and sometimes evening...) coffee in a mug that brings a little smile to my face!

Hearts and Scallops mug & saucer, $49

Right now I'm drinking my coffee out of this light blue mug that has absolutely nothing interesting going on, I almost look at the thing in disgust- I mean, have a little imagination!

There's this amazing little online housewares boutique, Bailey Doesn't Bark, that just introduced a new line called Precious Pieces that combines designer Re Jin's interesting take on eating and drinking with vintage wares making each set one of a kind and of seriously limited edition.

Dotted Tree Dish, $43

Bailey Doesn't Bark offers us high quality wares for our home that are unique, functional, and well, just plain awesome.

Soft Flamingos cup & saucer, $49

Check out all of the unique collections at Bailey Doesn't Bark, whether you are looking to have something one of a kind, limited edition, or if you just want to use functional pieces that are far from run of the mill- you are surely going to find something that will bring you a smirk or a giggle.


A Second Time - Steampunk Jewelry and Sculpture

Every once in a while, I feel like I'm hit with a burst of fresh air in my face when I see certain designs. Maybe it's the components used, the genius of it, or just it's sheer beauty.

The Chopper, $99.99.

I have been a fan of steampunk jewelry for quite some time. It's interesting and each piece, no matter how similar it may seem at first glance, is a truly unique one of a kind creation.

The Cruiser, $99.99.

I came across A Second Time while I was digging for treasure online. The designer not only creates insanely cool jewelry, but some incredibly awesome pieces built with vintage components and found objects that are perfect for any biker, male or female- each is a masterpiece in my eyes.

The V Rod, $99.99

These bikes would be a very unexpected gift for a bike enthusiast that they would really appreciate.

Go check out A Second Time at asecondtime.etsy.com. Even if you're not into bikes, you will no doubt find a stellar piece of jewelry.