Dottie's Delight - Vintage Inspired Lingerie

I have a problem- well, in reality I have quite a few- but the problem I'm talking about in this instance is lingerie. I love it.

Lingerie is something you can put on and instantaneously feel like a new woman. You can feel sexy, naughty, nice, innocent... it allows you to be anything you want at any given moment, have you the right lingerie.

Vintage Inspired Pin Up Panties, $35

You can put on a sweat suit afterward and still feel amazingly sexy. It's like magic.

In my endless searches I stumbled upon a very talented designer, her name is Stephanie, and her lingerie shop is called Dottie's Delights.

Vintage Inspired 50's Pin-Up Bustier, $275

Each panty, girdle, corset, or anything else she designs is meticulously crafted and custom made to fit your measurements exactly. How amazing is that!?

Every piece of lingerie at Dottie's Delights oozes vintage aesthetics using authentic vintage laces and ribbons, and some delicious modern materials.

Vintage Inspired 50's Pin Up Girdle, $75

When you visit this amazing custom lingerie boutique, you will see how special each piece is, but what's more, you can feel the passion the goes into each intimate design and know, that once you put it on, you will feel just as fascinating.


Bailey Doesn't Bark - Artful Wares

We all eat and drink, and we all need something to eat and drink from.

Rather than using your typical boring mugs and dishes, why not use something that is beautiful and fun? I'd rather wake up to drink my morning (and afternoon...and sometimes evening...) coffee in a mug that brings a little smile to my face!

Hearts and Scallops mug & saucer, $49

Right now I'm drinking my coffee out of this light blue mug that has absolutely nothing interesting going on, I almost look at the thing in disgust- I mean, have a little imagination!

There's this amazing little online housewares boutique, Bailey Doesn't Bark, that just introduced a new line called Precious Pieces that combines designer Re Jin's interesting take on eating and drinking with vintage wares making each set one of a kind and of seriously limited edition.

Dotted Tree Dish, $43

Bailey Doesn't Bark offers us high quality wares for our home that are unique, functional, and well, just plain awesome.

Soft Flamingos cup & saucer, $49

Check out all of the unique collections at Bailey Doesn't Bark, whether you are looking to have something one of a kind, limited edition, or if you just want to use functional pieces that are far from run of the mill- you are surely going to find something that will bring you a smirk or a giggle.


A Second Time - Steampunk Jewelry and Sculpture

Every once in a while, I feel like I'm hit with a burst of fresh air in my face when I see certain designs. Maybe it's the components used, the genius of it, or just it's sheer beauty.

The Chopper, $99.99.

I have been a fan of steampunk jewelry for quite some time. It's interesting and each piece, no matter how similar it may seem at first glance, is a truly unique one of a kind creation.

The Cruiser, $99.99.

I came across A Second Time while I was digging for treasure online. The designer not only creates insanely cool jewelry, but some incredibly awesome pieces built with vintage components and found objects that are perfect for any biker, male or female- each is a masterpiece in my eyes.

The V Rod, $99.99

These bikes would be a very unexpected gift for a bike enthusiast that they would really appreciate.

Go check out A Second Time at asecondtime.etsy.com. Even if you're not into bikes, you will no doubt find a stellar piece of jewelry.


Linda & Harriett

Paper is something everyone uses on a daily basis. Sometimes, we use scraps to write a grocery list or jot down a phone number quickly. And, believe it or not, some of us still use paper to actually communicate a meaningful message with paper note cards, pads, and greetings.

This is what I received in the mail from Linda and Harriet. I loved getting the package, opening it, and seeing bright colors and unusual images.

To me, writing something and actually sending it through the mail, is something very special. I don't think there is a replacement for this. Receiving an unexpected letter or card out of the blue is something that should not die. There are a lot of places to buy stationery and things of that nature, but Linda and Harriett stands out because of their quality, simplicity, and their personality that shines through in each and every product they offer.

Paper goods from lindaandharriett.com

In the age of email (which I really hate writing, for the most part), sending something real that one can touch and feel, something they can see that makes them smile or giggle, is a truly unmatched gesture. Emails are boring, ugly, and don't come across how intended in some instances.

Linda and Harriett's paper is of great quality, it's not flimsy by any stretch. The colors are vibrant, and the images are unique and fun!

Gold Frank card from Linda and Harriett, $18 for a set of 8 letterpressed note cards & envelopes.

Handwriting shows personality and mood, and even sincerity- emails rarely succeed in these things.

Zig Zag note cards, set of 8 for $18- they come in a few colors, too- but, I love this color!

I want to write. I want you to write. I want to see people smile when they open the mail box because of something unexpected. I don't want the mail to be something that only contains dreaded bills and unwanted advertisements.

Greeting cards, $4.50 each at Linda and Harriett.

Call me old fashioned, but this is a sentiment that I do not want to see disappear with newspapers and magazines- I want to shop online at places like Linda and Harriet, get a package in the mail, and then use their lovely paper goods to write to my friends and family. Linda and Harriet offers note pads, note cards, flats, greetings, and even customized designs.


Reviyve - Natural Skin Care

Sensitive skin leaves me constantly searching for products that work and that are gentle at the same time. In come Reviyve, a natural skin care company that creates a wide variety of products using essential oils, sea salts, and organic ingredients that truly pamper your skin.

In the mail I received samples of the Sweet Orange Balm/Salve, Dead Sea Eye Serum, and the Brown Sugar Scrub & Mask combo- I tried them all.

My skin gets SO dry in the winter, that I ripped open the brown sugar scrub and mask combo immediately- upon opening it, I saw little tiny granules that would exfoliate my skin and a rich color that I knew was from the brown sugar. I used it as directed, gently applying it to my skin in a circular motion and leaving it on for at least 15 minutes. I could feel it tightening up after a minute or two, like masks do. When I rinsed it off, my skin felt a.m.a.z.i.n.g.! It was so soft and it seemed to brighten my skin, as well, there was absolutely no dullness left- it was like it wasn't winter at all. LOVED IT! And, you don't have to use an excessive amount, so out of that tiny sample, I got 3 uses- not bad at all. My skin looks great. Dryness free!

Brown Sugar Facial Scrub and Mask $16.50, 4 ounces.

Really, these Reviyve products couldn't have arrived at a better time. By the time February rolls around, my skin is screaming for moisture, especially my hands and elbows. I have to moisturize about a million times a day to feel like I'm not my own personal desert.

I was excited to try the sweet orange balm that is particularly great for elbows, knees, and heels- it is a beautifully thick salve that immediately provides relief from dry skin and absorbs quickly- and again, a little goes a long way. My elbows looked like a million bucks after I used it, and I have used it daily since I received it and it is still just a wonderful- and the scent is insanely delicious, nice and fresh and not too strong.

Reviyve Balm/Salve $17.95 for 8 ounces. Trust me, this will go a long way!

Finally, the under eye serum- designed to fight that nasty puffiness we can get and dark circles from lack of sleep, stress, and all of that other stuff that takes a toll on our well being. I loved it. I wish I had more, because I really need it!
It is really light, smells amazing, and it is really gentle and didn't irritate my under eye at all.
I felt it working immediately, and imagine using it daily would keep your eyes in great shape. Right away, my eyes felt revived (believe it or not!) and firmer. I highly, highly recommend trying it, especially if you are sensitive to skin care products.

Under Eye Serum, $22.50, 2 ounces.

If you're looking for amazing natural skin care produts- Reviyve offers a wide range of products from bath to face and body, and even candles.


Amy Hunting Furniture

Furniture is essential for every dwelling, big or small, modern or classic.

Modern furniture happens to be my genre of choice. It does not have to be stark like we sometimes see- I define modern furniture as pieces that function, with clean lines, little upkeep and in these times, very little waste.

Amy Hunting Patchwork Series.

The work of Amy Hunting goes along these lines, if you will, but also incorporates little waste. Her "Patchwork Series" embodies this- created with wood from a Denmark manufacturing company that would otherwise be discarded, Amy used these scraps and built a collection.

Patchwork Chair.

First all of the wood was formed into a patchwork design, then something amazing happened and it consisted of a chair, a book box, and 12 lamps that are graduated in size. All of which are one of a kind and beautiful.

Patchwork Lamp.

To me, this is a true example of green furniture, there is absolutely no waste- made entirely out of wood with now bolts, screws, or anything else. Amazing.

Patchwork Book Box.

Everything in this collection is truly one of a kind and definitely a conversation piece.
Check out all of Amy Hunting's work at amyhunting.com


The White Dress By The Shore

The big time wedding season is coming up quick, so I felt it necessary to blog about one of my favorite & local bridal boutiques.

Anne Barge Truly gown.

The White Dress By The Shore is located on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline in Clinton.

With dresses ranging from simple elegance to modern chic to that fairytale gown you dreamed of as a little girl, this gem of a boutique is a one-stop-shop pretty much guaranteed to have the wedding dress of your most inspired wedding fantasies.

Augusta Jones Perla gown.

If you're a Connecticut native like myself, one thing I know you'll love and appreciate is that the White Dress By The Shore offers several lines not available anywhere else in the state- they also offer customization of some gowns which is amazing- and they have all of the accessories you may need to complete your once-in-a-lifetime look.

Judd Waddell Blair gown.

Please visit their website to check out some of what they offer. And, if you are in Connecticut, and a bride to be please stop in.

You will be in absolute awe. Also check out their neighbor Beneath The Gown in Clinton, Connecticut to find some of the most amazing lingerie you'll ever see. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away, and totally worth it.


Plueys, loving them more than ever.

Anyone that knows me, knows I wear my Hunter Wellingtons pretty much every day in the winter. They look chic and serve a much needed purpose during the New England winters and Spring showers.
Mine are black. Maybe boring to some people, but I love them.

Gorgeous right? LOVE them. When I decide to get another pair of rain boots, the Oooh La Lace wellies will be my first choice. Just $60.

If you're looking for really fun and functional rain boots, Plueys always comes highly recommended by me- they are colorful, playful, and beautifully made. There are a few new guys in the collection and I adore them.

Argyle is great. It can be preppy, but it can also be that nerdy-cool that I sometimes like to go for. The colors in the Argyle Crush rain boots are subdued but not at all boring. If you're itching to wear that fave argyle sweater of yours in the springtime when it's too warm, these will give you your fix, for sure!

Just because it's a rainy day doesn't mean it has to be a gray and dreary day. The Tokyo Rain wellies are colorful and fun without forgetting their roots. Go ahead, jump in puddles like you used to! It's FUN!

Plueys are made with natural rubber, they are lined with cotton, and have a nice treaded sole, so you'll only slip and slide if you want to.

Go buy some for yourself, or if you want to live vicariously through your little one(s)- buy them a pair!


Sara Westermark Jewelry

It's the time of year when I start thinking of spring, recalling the smell of trees coming into fruition, flowers blooming, and the unforgettable scent of the air after the rain.

Collar Branch Necklace with Copper Leaves and Sterling Silver $350

Sara Westermark's jewelry embodies organicness using beautiful copper, gold and sterling silver, some of which is recycled (which I really appreciate), and evokes feelings of peace and beauty.

Sterling Silver Moon Ring with Rhodolite Garnet $180

Each stunning creation is made by Sara, by hand, with meticulous detail.

Organic Anticlastic Copper Leaf Cuff $95

When viewing Sara Westermark jewelry it is clear that the artist is completely enveloped in each piece as she fabricates it. Because of that I'm sure that's why her work is so intriguing, almost hypnotizing.
It's inspiring, organic, and clearly made with devotion that is sometimes fleeting in other designers work. Not here, even through the screen, you can feel the devotion she has jumping out at you through the screen. I love it.

You can shop for Sara Westermark's jewelry on her website, sarawestermarkjewelry.com and her etsy shop, which has an amazing, jaw-dropping collection of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.


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