Bath & Body Review: Ciao Bella

I didn't really know where to begin with the products I received in the mail from Ciao Bella because they were both so fabulous.

So, I decided the easiest route was to review what I tried out first, first.

The day I received the package from Ciao Bella, I opened it immediately. My body was in dire need of some exfoliation, I needed to take a shower, and this was the perfect time for me to try out their beautiful Yuzu Grapefruit Sugar Scrub.

Looks good enough to eat doesn't it? But, I don't recommend it, of course!

I grabbed the jar, opened it, and was hit with an amazing burst of citrus that had a beautiful softness to it. Not overpowering, not underwhelming, but just right. Invigorating and relaxing!

I found the scrub absolutely delightful. The sugar was coarse enough to do its job, but gentle enough to leave my sensitive skin happy.

On their website, they state, "Our scrub is rich in olive oil, shea, soy and Vitamin E, it removes dead skin cells while the oils penetrate and moisturize the skin for a beautiful glow." They are right on. My skin was soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturized. It didn't feel greasy at all. My skin reminded me of velvet and that was a thrilling reaction.

The after-scent is not quite a strong, but this is not at all a bad thing... the softness I was talking about earlier is stronger and you smell completely fresh.
I absolutely LOVE this scrub!

You can get a gigantic 8 ounce jar of this scrub (available in an array of scents), for just $24 at ciaobellabody.com. Totally worth it. Your skin will thank you!

Can you handle more? I have one more thing to review and I am just as excited about it! What is it, you ask?
Well, it is the Lychee-Apricot hand & body cream. It is divine. Luxurious. Definitely in the top three that I've reviewed on Independent Luxe since the beginning.

You can see it, but you can't feel it- this hand & body cream screams luxury! It is thick and the scent is to die for. Just $18 for 5 ounces of feeling like a queen at ciaobellabody.com

That is the lovely jar that you will receive! I got sample sizes. ;)

I don't even know what Lychee is, but I like it. I can smell the citrusiness of the Apricot, but there is an underlying earthy freshness that I'm assuming comes from the Lychee or the combination of the two. LOVE IT!

A lot of creams leave you feeling overly moisturized and take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to absorb. This one does not. This one is a dream come true. When I put this stuff on I forget because it absorbs THAT quickly. But, when I touch my skin, I'm quickly reminded that I used the Lychee-Apricot cream from that amazing ciaobellabody.com.

My skin is as soft as a babies bum, and let me tell you, I have the worst dry skin ever when it comes to the winter/spring. My body just has this horrible time adjusting, but this stuff WORKS. And, it works for hours. You can't do better than that, my friends.

Go buy some stuff. Let
Ciao Bella know that you heard of them here. And, then, come thank me for introducing you to this
fabulous line of bath & body products.

And, another bonus for you: enter MOM during checkout to receive 15% off of your order.

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Juicy Jenn said...

Don't you just LOVE that body scrub?! Seriously. ITs fabulous. And Laura is fantastic. I love her work.

Juicy Jenn