Submitting your work

Designers, businesses, PR people,
I love hearing from you, I do. But, to the right ---> I specifically ask you not to send me attachments unless you ask or if I request you email me something. From now on, if an email has attachments without prior notice or whatever, I'm just going to delete. I may decide to not showcase your work ever because of this.

Also, as a designer myself, I always wondered how you were supposed to approach a website or blog that you'd like to be mentioned on. I always thought being polite was the way to go.
Sending an email that says, "check out xxxx.com" without a please or thank you is NOT the way to go. It's rude. Deleted, you are. How about saying something like...
"Hey Kelly, I design xxx, this is my site: xxxx, and I would like you to check it out. Thank you (key phrase, here), xxx."

I've actually received emails with just a URL- well, guess what? You're not that special. I get TONS of emails daily, I need to know some details before I take time to actually check out one's website. Give them to me or I'm just going to delete emails like that from now on.

OH!!!!!!! One more thing, do NOT add me to your mailing list without asking me or without me signing up. This a bad sign to me and makes me wonder if you do this to your customers without permission- SPAM is bad, folks- super unprofessional.

To all of you who are super friendly, polite, and just overall delightful- I appreciate you appreciating IndependentLuxe and look forward to hearing from you.


bryozoan arts said...

always good to hear what people want. thanks for the information!

Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Oh wow!
I can't imagine you get some emails with only links sometimes! That's sad :(