Beautiful Bracelets: Fuss Jewelry

When Wendy at Fuss Jewelry emailed me a week or two ago, I checked out her work immediately. What struck me right away was her bracelets- they are bold, unique, and gorgeous.

I love the controlled messiness of the wire that holds the overlapping stones in places. The contrast of the beads in this piece is beautiful and versatile. $75 at fussjewelry.com.

What I love of about this bracelet is it's easiness. It's fluid, smooth, and lustrous. There is a nice balance of elegance and edginess in this piece. $75 at fussjewelry.com.

I wanted to show everyone something else of Wendy's, as well. Though, I could go on and on about those bracelets- wish she had more to show! Anyhow... these earrings really make you stop and look, don't they? The brown and purple combo is always nice, but what I found particularly interesting was the combination of shapes. I am also a fan of the use of striped Agate in this pair of earrings, it adds interest to an already cool designs. $85 at fussjewelry.com

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