Product Review: Luv 4 Country

With a name like
Luv 4 Country, you probably think homemade, craft fair goods of some kind. While the name may imply this, there is nothing homemade about the
awesome body products created by this small brand. Everything I tried was amazing.

Lotion, shaving cream, and healing salve from luv4country.com

London Lemon Curd Lotion, $10 at luv4country.com

The first product I tried was the London Lemon Curd Lotion. It smells delicious -literally- I opened it up and put it on my skin and was reminded of elementary school birthday parties with yellow cupcakes and vanilla frosting. If you are a fan of those and that scent, you will adore this lotion. Not only does it smell edible (don't even think about it, folks), but it feels fantastic- it's silky smooth and fast absorbing. It makes your skin feel GREAT.

Shaving Cream, $10 at

The next thing I tried was the
shaving cream. Whoa, girls! I don't want to go the TMI route, but I have to be honest and let you know that I get razor bumps in the most inconvenient places pretty much every time I shave, but I didn't get ONE -not ONE- razor bump when I used this
shaving cream, and I used it several times.
It is amazing, people. And, a little goes a long way!

I have to tell you that it takes a little getting used to, as it's not like your commercial
shaving cream. But, it is totally worth the adjustment. This stuff is smooth and it
lathers up beautifully.

Healing Salve, $3 @ luv4country.com

The last product from Luv 4 Country that I used is the healing salve. It works super well- being a jewelry designer, I often get little nicks and cuts that make wire wrapping and other things a little difficult. Having something like this healing salve makes those heal up super quickly. It works and it doesn't sting or anything. Love it!

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Daniel Cormier said...

Did the scent stay with the lather, or did it dissipate quickly?