Bold and Beautiful: Linda Trent Jewelry

Harvest bracelet, $100 or $110 at lindatrentjewelry.com

Sometimes you want to wear truly striking, colorful jewelry that draws attention from across the room. Linda Trent has jewelry that accomplishes this, as well as more delicate pieces for days you're feeling more ethereal.

Gemstone Encrusted Hoops, $90 or $100 at lindatrentjewelry.com

These gem enrusted hoops are so versatile, it's ridiculous. They are rich and sparkling with quality stones and craftswomanship.

Stormy Skies necklace, $150 or $160 at lindatrentjewelry.com

Moody and bold, this necklace is going to receive a ton of compliments. Beautiful stones and interesting design make a timeless piece that's worth every penny.

Looking for bold sparkle, shop at lindatrentjewelry.com.

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Anonymous said...

i bought a bracelet from linda trent in may. i LOVE it. i get more compliments on that bracelet than anything i've ever worn. she has some really fab stuff. will be ordering more in the future. t