In Love: Moonblood

Something happened yesterday. I found graphic tees that made me want to wear graphic tees again.

Blue Scarabs tee, $38. Putty Super Hero, $42. Both available at moonblood.net

Each shirt is hand-printed and hand-dyed. Each will make you stand out in crowd for having impeccable taste and kick ass style.

The brand is MoonblooD. The owners are an adorable couple that go by the names Leo and Amy. Amy has a background in textiles and loves fashion. Leo background is in computer science. An odd pairing, perhaps, but a perfect one. Just look at how sick these shirts are!

Scarlet Feather Flight tee, $42 at moondblooD.net

The Feather Flight tee comes in a couple of colors, as do a few of their
other designs. This one in particular really stands out to me. The print really pops from this scarlet background. The Native American inspired drawing gives it a tribal appeal without making you feel like you're wearing something that you don't know about. You know what I mean? I see people in distressed Pink Floyd tees because they look cool, yet these people know nothing about Floyd (don't even get me started on that). They have just the
right amount of artistry that shows where the inspiration comes from without any fakeness.

As you can see above, they make shirts for boys, too. That is great, huh?
Men's Tut $38. Mauve Super Hero $38. Both at moonblooD.net

I love that they have tees for boys that don't look like every other tee you see. They have this artistic kick that makes them really different. They also aren't cluttered and overbearing like a lot of what's out there right now, either.

When they say, "Amy’s solid fashion background coupled with Leo’s European sensibilities give MoonblooD tee’s a unique flair." They are totally right.

Go support these awesome designers at moonblooD.net.


Maria said...

These shirts look scarily similar to some in Shepherd Fairy's Obey clothing line.

Take a look for yourself:




** Terramia ** said...

I love graphic tees... unique and full of character (and often symbolic statements) -- that first blue insect pattern is super cool!
Great links...

La Principessa said...

Oooh, I love those! beautiful colors.