Product Review: 5th Avenue Bath Co.

A few weeks ago, I received an unusually large package filled with a ton of bath and body goodies created by 5th Avenue Bath Co. This review has taken me a little longer to get up than usual because I had so many new things to try! And, of course, you need to try things one at a time to get a true sense of how much you like something and how it works for you.

I received a package with SEVEN samples. Seven different fantastic goodies to try!

So, please accept my apologies for taking longer than usual to 5th Avenue and my readers. I think you'll find it worth it. In the future, if something is as generous with their samples as 5th Ave., I'll break it up into a few different features.

Hand & Body Cream, $19.95.

I first tried the Luxurious Body Cream.
Fresh!Spring!Day! That is what this reminds me of. The scent is SO refreshing and airy and crisp. The cream itsself does an awesome job of moisturizing your skin. LOVE IT! This absorbs nice and fast, as well. INDEPENDENTluxe really appreciates fast absorbing moisturizers. I usually don't have time to wait around to get dressed, so this is ideal.

Then, I tried the Luxurious Body Moisturizer in Blackberry Pear. This is a very fruity, sweet scent that is striking. Not for those of us who like to be subtle. :) This is also a beautiful moisturizer. It works. It feels great and absorbs with the quickness. The consistency is smooth and light. I highly recommend trying it.

When I tried the next product. I fell in love with it. I have never tried a moisturizer that was this thick and creamy in my life. It feels amazing and makes your skin look absolutely phenomenal.

Foot & Leg Moisturizer with Shea Butter, $12.95

I received a sample in the Bergamot scent. It's citrus-y and fresh. Light and delicous.

Look at how thick that stuff is! AMAZING! Love, love, love it. I'd like about a gallon of this, so I could use it every day for the rest of the year!

Feet need special treatment. They are working all the time! After a rough day on your feet, it's nice to pamper yourself.

Rough Foot Soap with Goat's Milk, $5.99

The exfoliating foot soap from the 5th Ave. Bath Co. is awesome! The lather is really nice and the exfoliating scrubbies work wonders at softening your feet. You kind of feel like you got a pedicure after you use this soap. That is how awesome it is!

Speaking of exfoliators... I also got to try the Tootsie Tune Up scrub, and the Jojoba Exfoliating scrub. Both are really lovely.

Tootsie Tune Up Scrub, $15.95

Since I was just talking about feet, I'll continue with that... the Tootsie Tune Up scrub is nice and rough and filled with great moisturizing oils. If you have feet that are beat up from walking around barefoot or from walking in uncomfortable sandals during the summer, you need to get this. The scrub will kick your callouses ass. That's right! It means business and I love it.

The Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub is brand new at 5th Ave. Bath Co. So new, it's not even on the site, yet. How cool is that? This scrub is subtle, and makes your skin super happy. If you're in the mood for a light exfoliator that keeps that skin from looking like the desert, you should give this a try. I got to try it in the Pomegranate Martini scent, and it is totally delectable. Girly, but not overpowering.

Luxurious Lip Balm, $2.99

We all need a good lip balm. The luxurious lip balm line at 5th Ave. provides moisture that lasts and feels smooth & creamy on your lips. I got the Coconut Lemon Grass and it smells amazing. I love how you can smell it, but not taste it. You know, because flavored lip balms usually taste fake. This lip balm is simply excellent.

So, as I'm sure you gathered. I'm a big fan of the products at 5th Ave Bath Co. and think you'd benefit by giving them a try.

Erika from 5th Ave. wants INDEPENDENTluxe readers to know that not all scents are offered for all of their body goodies. However, if you see a scent you want that's not offered for a paticular product, write her a note in comment section when checking out and she'll do her best to give you what you want!