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Paper is something everyone uses on a daily basis. Sometimes, we use scraps to write a grocery list or jot down a phone number quickly. And, believe it or not, some of us still use paper to actually communicate a meaningful message with paper note cards, pads, and greetings.

This is what I received in the mail from Linda and Harriet. I loved getting the package, opening it, and seeing bright colors and unusual images.

To me, writing something and actually sending it through the mail, is something very special. I don't think there is a replacement for this. Receiving an unexpected letter or card out of the blue is something that should not die. There are a lot of places to buy stationery and things of that nature, but Linda and Harriett stands out because of their quality, simplicity, and their personality that shines through in each and every product they offer.

Paper goods from lindaandharriett.com

In the age of email (which I really hate writing, for the most part), sending something real that one can touch and feel, something they can see that makes them smile or giggle, is a truly unmatched gesture. Emails are boring, ugly, and don't come across how intended in some instances.

Linda and Harriett's paper is of great quality, it's not flimsy by any stretch. The colors are vibrant, and the images are unique and fun!

Gold Frank card from Linda and Harriett, $18 for a set of 8 letterpressed note cards & envelopes.

Handwriting shows personality and mood, and even sincerity- emails rarely succeed in these things.

Zig Zag note cards, set of 8 for $18- they come in a few colors, too- but, I love this color!

I want to write. I want you to write. I want to see people smile when they open the mail box because of something unexpected. I don't want the mail to be something that only contains dreaded bills and unwanted advertisements.

Greeting cards, $4.50 each at Linda and Harriett.

Call me old fashioned, but this is a sentiment that I do not want to see disappear with newspapers and magazines- I want to shop online at places like Linda and Harriet, get a package in the mail, and then use their lovely paper goods to write to my friends and family. Linda and Harriet offers note pads, note cards, flats, greetings, and even customized designs.

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