A Second Time - Steampunk Jewelry and Sculpture

Every once in a while, I feel like I'm hit with a burst of fresh air in my face when I see certain designs. Maybe it's the components used, the genius of it, or just it's sheer beauty.

The Chopper, $99.99.

I have been a fan of steampunk jewelry for quite some time. It's interesting and each piece, no matter how similar it may seem at first glance, is a truly unique one of a kind creation.

The Cruiser, $99.99.

I came across A Second Time while I was digging for treasure online. The designer not only creates insanely cool jewelry, but some incredibly awesome pieces built with vintage components and found objects that are perfect for any biker, male or female- each is a masterpiece in my eyes.

The V Rod, $99.99

These bikes would be a very unexpected gift for a bike enthusiast that they would really appreciate.

Go check out A Second Time at asecondtime.etsy.com. Even if you're not into bikes, you will no doubt find a stellar piece of jewelry.


Valerie said...

These are so cool!!!! I'm used to seeing steampunk jewelry, but these are something new for me.

Heidi said...

I love it! My hubbers is a big motorcycle guy! This would be so cool!