Bailey Doesn't Bark - Artful Wares

We all eat and drink, and we all need something to eat and drink from.

Rather than using your typical boring mugs and dishes, why not use something that is beautiful and fun? I'd rather wake up to drink my morning (and afternoon...and sometimes evening...) coffee in a mug that brings a little smile to my face!

Hearts and Scallops mug & saucer, $49

Right now I'm drinking my coffee out of this light blue mug that has absolutely nothing interesting going on, I almost look at the thing in disgust- I mean, have a little imagination!

There's this amazing little online housewares boutique, Bailey Doesn't Bark, that just introduced a new line called Precious Pieces that combines designer Re Jin's interesting take on eating and drinking with vintage wares making each set one of a kind and of seriously limited edition.

Dotted Tree Dish, $43

Bailey Doesn't Bark offers us high quality wares for our home that are unique, functional, and well, just plain awesome.

Soft Flamingos cup & saucer, $49

Check out all of the unique collections at Bailey Doesn't Bark, whether you are looking to have something one of a kind, limited edition, or if you just want to use functional pieces that are far from run of the mill- you are surely going to find something that will bring you a smirk or a giggle.

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