Beautiful Find: Brian Sage

I like art. Actually, I love art. I'm the art kid- I was the one that kept to myself in school and took on as many independent studies in art as possible. I graduated early from high school to work on my portfolio and started a business where I design and create jewelry, as well as websites and tons of other creative stuff in between.
Art is my life, really. It's a constant thing- it's always around and it's always inspiring.

So, this cute guy moved into my apartment building and come to find out: he's an artist (yes!). An oil painter, an American impressionist. His work is stunning.
The colors, his distinct style, and the way he captures light is absolutely beautiful. He deserves recognition and tons of sales now- we wouldn't want him to be a starving artist would we?

Here's a small taste of what's to come if you click on this link:

Two Sails

Beacon Hill

Koi and Heron

Oil paintings for viewing and purchasing available at sageartworks.com


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting. Is it for sale?

Luxe Girl said...

Yes, I do believe it is!

The best way to find out would be to contact Brian at http://www.sageartworks.com