Product Review: Becky Oh! Designs

I opened a cardboard box addressed to me, inside I saw bright green tissue paper.
Carefully, I unwrap what's inside: a nice protective plastic bag with a pretty bag inside. A wristlet by the very talented Becky Oh! Designs.
Another minor detail that I really appreciated was that the bag had a plastic bubble inside to give it shape- I don't know, I thought it was a really nice touch. I was like, oh I can fit that much in it? :)

As I've emphasized in the past, I normally do not like bags made of fabric. The boring designs and poor sewing are a huge turn-off for me. They remind me of high school home ec and horrible everything was that the people made.
Luckily, every once in a great, great while, a bag comes around that reminds me just how awesome fabric bags can be.

This awesome wristlet from Becky Oh's new Apropos collection is stunning.
Not only is the combination of colors beautiful and obviously very carefully chosen, but the craftswomanship is outstanding. This is not a word I use. My standards are very high (have you seen my wire wrapping skills?), I don't settle for curvy lines and gathered thread. Or pleats in the fabric where there are surely not supposed to be. You will not find those flaws in the bags created by Becky Oh!
They are crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Becky Oh! sets a new standard for handmade bags made from fabric- they should all be so perfect. Other designers should aspire to have their skill be 50% as good as Becky Oh!.

These unique handmade wristlets start at a mere $20, this one was $35- underpriced, if you ask me.

Oh, I should and want to mention that each handbag is a one of a kind piece. However, Becky let me know that if she has fabric left (say, like the fabric in this bag), she is willing to make another. How awesome is she? Go buy one and thank me later.

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