Product Review: Zevin Creations

So far, all of my stationery reviews have been for printed cards. Not a thing wrong with that, of course, but I am happy to do my first handmade card review.
Zevin Creations was kind enough to send me a few cards and they are really pretty.

I'm first going to mention the packaging- as you know, I love products that are packed nicely.

It's always nice to receive something that looks like a gift. Very pretty!

Inside of that purple tissue paper was a stack of cards. Obviously handmade (in a good way), they are vibrant and have a really nice feel to them. You know, that made with love feeling, but without the cheesiness of that saying.

The first one I saw was this birthday postcard or as Zevin Creations calls them: zevlets. Fun idea, right? I love the high contrast of the pink with the orange & yellow. The ribbon detail is really cute, too. And, how unique is the postcard idea? I've never seen that before and I'm a card shopper- I mean, I look all over the place for the right card. Anyhow, I love it and who wouldn't want to receive something so fun?
I love how you can see the detail without seeing any glue!

Oooh, ooh, ooh! This just in for Fall:

How rich and beautiful. Warm and welcoming. How fall. The earth tones mixed with the torn paper on that copper background looks stunning. I can see using these as a just because card for the season, as a Happy Thanksgiving card, or as an invite to a festive fall event. Versatile and my favorite of the bunch.

Everyone needs to (or, they should, at least) send out thank you cards. I love the mix of textures and subdued colors.
This one has a really vintage feel to it, like I could have gone into my Gram's attic and dug through boxes to find this card. Still in perfect condition, but with an undeniable nostalgic vibe that you can't get from new cards. Yet, somehow, this card- the design and construction acheive that. Really cool and different.

Another thing that really struck me about the cards by Zevin Creations is that on the back of each card is their backstory. There's something about that that really speaks to me, not only as a fellow designer, but as a customer it's always interesting to know the who, how, and why.

If you're into handmade with a modern, yet vintage feel, zevcards.com is the way to go. Prices range from $3 to $12.50.

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