Product Review: Kazam Body Care Foot Scrubbies

Kazam Natural Body Care is an itsy bitsy company that creates all natural body care products- soaps, lotions, massage oils, even hair care, and more.
Marjorie, the owner & creator of all things Kazam sent in her Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar a little while ago and it is delightful.
I waited a little while to put up this review because the Kazam website was getting a revamp and is now better than ever.

Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar, available at kazambodycare.com for $6.

Anyway. I love it. It's a light and refreshing, easy to rinse light exfoliate, and it smells good.
What I really love about it is the scent- let's face it, when we buy all natural, it usually smells all natural shortly after using it; this is not the case with the Kazam Peppermint Foot Scrubbies bar! The scent is exhilirating without burning your nose like many minty body goods do, it also has this subtle coconut sweetness behind it that compliments and softens the mint perfectly. The result is a unique scent that almost anyone would appreciate it. I know your feet will.
The bar leaves your feet smelling sweet and feeling like satin.

Check out kazambodycare.com for this exfoliate for your feet and everything else body care.

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