Cutest Find So Far: Plueys!

We've been getting hit every few days with a bit of rain in Connecticut for the past week or so, so it's seems super appropriate to post about the cutest find ever: plueys.com.

Plueys was created by a lovely young lady that wanted cute, functional boots to wear in the rain so she didn't have to ruin her stilettos and other hot shoes. She has definitely created what she set out to with a line of rubber boots that are colorful and fun, as well as functional.

Not only does Plueys offer these boots for women, but children can get in on the fun, as well. Plueys also offers umbrellas and each pair of boots comes with a boot bag at no additional cost (well, unless you want more than one, then they're just a dollar more a piece).

Go buy a pair for yourself for $55, and some for the children in your life (if you have any) for $21.

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