Splurgeworthy: Renée Davide Handbags

Handbags. When I was younger, I never saw the point- they were a burden and what in the world would I put in them, anyway?

Swoop Tote in black, $585 at renéedavide.com

This isn't really the case any longer. I like bags, I have a thing for them now. When I see handbags like the ones offered at Reneé Davide, I am reminded of why they are so essential to every day style, and importantly, the function of handbags. They carry what you need every day. Your lip gloss, keys, wallet, business cards, etc. Then there are larger bags that can carry that additional water bottle (thankfully!), and the kind I would like most right now- the kind you can use as an overnight bag.

Reneé Davide has designed every type of bag mentioned here and has done it with an exquisite taste level and craftsmanship to match.

Sunday Satchel in cherry, $420 at renéedavide.com

Museum Tote (aka, just the kind of overnight bag one would need) in caramel, $520 at renéedavide.com

Each bag is crafted with beautiful leather and subtle, yet impactful detail- just great design. Each bag is versatile and timeless, but with a novel twist that gives them personality that many handbags lack. There's just something about them. Check them out and give yourself the splurge you deserve at renéedavide.com

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