Cool Find: Bryozoan Arts

I'm a fan of art. Glass, painting, sculpture, pottery, metalwork. Bryozoan Arts has a little bit of everything and I like it.

Spiral Nebula Mosaic Disc by Biolum Glass, $850 at bryozoanarts.com

My favorite section is the Glass & Ceramics part of the site- maybe because that's the most full category. But, every piece that Bryozoan Arts carries is colorful and bold. Truly standout as unique conversation pieces.

Harvest lamp by Biolum Glass, $280 and $450 at bryozoanarts.com

And, with art, we are guaranteed that each disc, lamp, or plate will be different due to being handmade. What's not to love about that?

Blue Fused Glass Plate by Jeff Enderwick, $175 at bryozoanarts.com

Support some artists.


shelly kerry said...

yeah, thank you so much. the guys will be excited!

Tamara said...

These are great! I love glass work, I think it takes so much talent!