Fabulous Find: Elnie Dress

Everyone is always looking for a dress that will work from work to drinks or a date with your guy. This is the dress! It is sexy, the fit is absolutely gorgeous.

For work, wear a nice, simple camisole underneath to make that keyhole a little less risqué. After work, take that cami off and look absolutely hot!

The subtle details make it really unique and the price is unbelievably affordable for such a versatile piece.

Throw on some fishnets and patent leather peep-toes and you are ready to go.

Elnie Dress, just $210 at shootoutthestars.com.

INDEPENDENTluxe readers will receive a FREE GIFT when they order the Elnie dress at shootoutthestars.com. Just email the designer (kkofibru AT gmail.com), Kpoené, with the code Mluxe to get your free gift with the dress. No, I don't know what the gift is! But, who cares, the hot dress is what matters!


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