Amy Hunting Furniture

Furniture is essential for every dwelling, big or small, modern or classic.

Modern furniture happens to be my genre of choice. It does not have to be stark like we sometimes see- I define modern furniture as pieces that function, with clean lines, little upkeep and in these times, very little waste.

Amy Hunting Patchwork Series.

The work of Amy Hunting goes along these lines, if you will, but also incorporates little waste. Her "Patchwork Series" embodies this- created with wood from a Denmark manufacturing company that would otherwise be discarded, Amy used these scraps and built a collection.

Patchwork Chair.

First all of the wood was formed into a patchwork design, then something amazing happened and it consisted of a chair, a book box, and 12 lamps that are graduated in size. All of which are one of a kind and beautiful.

Patchwork Lamp.

To me, this is a true example of green furniture, there is absolutely no waste- made entirely out of wood with now bolts, screws, or anything else. Amazing.

Patchwork Book Box.

Everything in this collection is truly one of a kind and definitely a conversation piece.
Check out all of Amy Hunting's work at amyhunting.com


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