Sara Westermark Jewelry

It's the time of year when I start thinking of spring, recalling the smell of trees coming into fruition, flowers blooming, and the unforgettable scent of the air after the rain.

Collar Branch Necklace with Copper Leaves and Sterling Silver $350

Sara Westermark's jewelry embodies organicness using beautiful copper, gold and sterling silver, some of which is recycled (which I really appreciate), and evokes feelings of peace and beauty.

Sterling Silver Moon Ring with Rhodolite Garnet $180

Each stunning creation is made by Sara, by hand, with meticulous detail.

Organic Anticlastic Copper Leaf Cuff $95

When viewing Sara Westermark jewelry it is clear that the artist is completely enveloped in each piece as she fabricates it. Because of that I'm sure that's why her work is so intriguing, almost hypnotizing.
It's inspiring, organic, and clearly made with devotion that is sometimes fleeting in other designers work. Not here, even through the screen, you can feel the devotion she has jumping out at you through the screen. I love it.

You can shop for Sara Westermark's jewelry on her website, sarawestermarkjewelry.com and her etsy shop, which has an amazing, jaw-dropping collection of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

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