Plueys, loving them more than ever.

Anyone that knows me, knows I wear my Hunter Wellingtons pretty much every day in the winter. They look chic and serve a much needed purpose during the New England winters and Spring showers.
Mine are black. Maybe boring to some people, but I love them.

Gorgeous right? LOVE them. When I decide to get another pair of rain boots, the Oooh La Lace wellies will be my first choice. Just $60.

If you're looking for really fun and functional rain boots, Plueys always comes highly recommended by me- they are colorful, playful, and beautifully made. There are a few new guys in the collection and I adore them.

Argyle is great. It can be preppy, but it can also be that nerdy-cool that I sometimes like to go for. The colors in the Argyle Crush rain boots are subdued but not at all boring. If you're itching to wear that fave argyle sweater of yours in the springtime when it's too warm, these will give you your fix, for sure!

Just because it's a rainy day doesn't mean it has to be a gray and dreary day. The Tokyo Rain wellies are colorful and fun without forgetting their roots. Go ahead, jump in puddles like you used to! It's FUN!

Plueys are made with natural rubber, they are lined with cotton, and have a nice treaded sole, so you'll only slip and slide if you want to.

Go buy some for yourself, or if you want to live vicariously through your little one(s)- buy them a pair!

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