Locher's - The dirtiest sweet thing you could find

Refreshing isn't it? I get a little sick of all the sweet that's out there without the sassy. 'WILL FUCK FOR SHOES' on sale now for $65!

If that image doesn't start this feature off right, I don't know what will. I have been a long time fan of Locher's, but haven't ever written about their naughty brilliance before.

In the past, when I thought of embroidery- I though Grandma. And, if you've felt the same, your mind will quickly change when you check out the uninhibited Lochers.com.

Subtly sweet and deceptively dirty- "LITTLE SLUT" also on sale for $65.

I know a few of those, what a great, memorable, gift that would be.

Cute. You could really reel in the good guys with this one. "I LOVE PORN" is a steal at $65!

Love it. I mean, really! How many of us would love to saying without actually saying it? "I AIN'T YOUR FUCKIN' SWEETHEART". A beautifully embroidered top with that special flair you've been looking for. $65 at Locher's.

And if you love Locher's as much as I do, there really couldn't be a better time to shop- yearning for a manage a trois? Well, hurry your little ass over there because for a limited time you can buy three and get a disturbingly wonderful little necklace, free!

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