Cool Furniture: Plywood Office

Plywood Office is a fairly small company run by (as far as I can tell) designer Chris Jamison. Plywood Office specializes in modern, innovative furniture designed using plywood that doesn't look like plywood at all. The Stripe Series which happens to be my favorite, as of now, is now available in Bamboo, as well. I like that.
I am not sure of the prices or exactly where you can purchase this amazing looking furniture (grr), but it's definitely worth checking out.

This site met a few of my pet peeves, though. This is really unfortunate because I adore the furniture. I'm thinking this site is simply meant as a showcase for the designer's work. However, I'd like to know where I could purchase this furniture, if I chose to. Prices would be great, as well. I do imagine it's available in some stores. That is unclear on the site, there are two exhibitions listed in California, but that's it.
The site was a pain to navigate. The menu is on some of the pages, not all, so when I wanted to go back from one series to another, I had to use my "go back" arrows.
Things opening in new windows that are for the same site (i.e. the links aren't sending you elsewhere) shouldn't open in a new window. It's annoying. I also didn't like that my browser was unecessarily resized.

That said. The furniture is uniquely stunning. The clean lines and unusual materials deserve praise.

If you find out where it can be purchased, by all means, let Kelly know!

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