Stunning Ceramics: Grace Sheese

A few days ago, I was incredibly pleased to stumble upon Grace Sheese's work. I was actually awestruck by the artists' work.
The rich colors and incredibly intricate details are eye-catching. Each bowl, vase, jar, and cup is a unique piece of art.
The cups start at a miniscule $45, bowls at $60, jars $110, and vases at $110. The highest price is under $500. Very reasonable for such enamoring work.


Beth said...

Wow, thanks for finding her! I just ordered a bowl!


Luxe Girl said...

Beth, thank you for buying! I am really glad I found her, too. Her work is truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Grace Sheese recently showed her work at the Greater Reston Arts Council Exhibit in Reston, Va, a yearly show at the end of May.

I purchased two pieces of Grace's work and I am very impressed with the color design and attention to detail.

A big fan.