In search of emerging shoe, handbag, and clothing designers

I don't know why, but I am the having the hardest time find emerging shoe designers. If you know of any, other than Mohop, please email me and let me know!

I am also in search of emerging clothing designers. Preferably with their own website that you can purchase from. However, I am open-minded and will consider designers who sell on other websites and not their own. Oh, and I don't mean screenprinted tee's, I mean a line of clothing- dresses, pants, etc.

Handbag designers would be fabulous, as well- I am in search of leather handbags, specifically. I know a lot of fabric bag designers, but leather is not easy to come by.

Designers shouldn't be available in large chain stores like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, yet. Well, I suppose they could be, but the quantities they produce should be VERY limited and not available in EVERY store across the globe. Get what I'm saying?
Remember, IndependentLuxe wants emerging, not established-I'm making a ton of money-designers. My goal is to help make small designers like myself known and bring them sales & recognition!


Elaine said...

you can use me as many times as you like. hee. i think i know some shoe designers, i will check my files.

Passementerie said...

Hilarie Burke at Hark designs ( http://www.harkdesigns.com/ )_ designs THE BEST leather handbags and belts. I have her royal slouch in pearl & blue and I love it.

Passementerie said...

http://www.armoursansanguish.com also has great clothing

Anonymous said...

wow, so you really think you know all there is to know about fashion?

Luxe Girl said...

Nope, and I never said I did. I just know what I value as a designer and customer. I believe that there are many, many other people that are on the same wavelength, as well.

Elaine Perlov said...

Ok I have got a good one for you. A fellow brooklynite who sells to a store (Dalaga) that I sell to too. The shoe line is called LadyDang. http://www.ladydang.com/