Product Review: Mi-Spa Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter

Today, I am incredibly pleased to present Independent Luxe's first product review.

Up for review is Mi Spa's Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter and Monoi Gardenia Total Body Oil Spray.

When shopping online for body products, I find it truly difficult to figure out what I'm going to like. Descriptions of feelings and textures, scents, and results are so objective that site descriptions can't always help you make a decision. That's one of the reasons I wanted to review bath and body products, as well as make-up, and things like candles. It's all about the experience- sometimes websites are accurate in their descriptions, sometimes they are so vague you don't even bother trying to find out more.
I look up reviews all the time when it comes to these things to help me come to a conclusion that makes sense for me.

So, I'll get to it.
I received my products from Mi Spa within two days of knowing I'd be receiving them for review. Mimie, the owner packages everything beautifully and even sent a personal note, which I truly appreciate.

I was so excited! I wanted to rip everything open and try it right away, but resisted to take photos of the products for this review. When I finally got that over with, I opened the Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter and smiled. The scent was lovely, feminine, and floral- it was noticeable without being overbearing and I loved it.
When I unscrewed the top, I was really pleased with how thick the body butter was- I flipped the open jar upside down and nothing fell out. How cool is that?

I took a shower, and immediately afterward used the Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter from Mi Spa.
I first noticed how nicely the heat from my hands melted the body butter into a slick fluid that was easy to put on. I was really surprised at how little of this stuff you have to use in order to cover your entire body. With an even application in a circular motion and a little bit of elbow grease to really get that beautiful butter into your skin, about a quarter size amount of the butter covers your entire shell. Wow. How much do we love that? For a mere $14, you get awesome body butter that smellls delicious, and feels like satin.

I found the that Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter takes a little while to absorb, but it's definitely worth the wait. It's a treat, and would be a great thing to use daily or on those special days where you really want to pamper yourself.
The Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter is available at Mi Spa for $14- worth every penny.

Much like the Monoi Gardenia Whipped Body Butter, I found the Monoi Gardenia Body Oil Spray to be a delight to use. It is full of femininity, and it's really light. This has all of the benefits of the body butter, and it absorbs a bit more quickly, as well. I recommend using it in the shower, after you've rinsed off your body wash because the heat really helps spread this out, so you can get the most out of it. The Monoi Gardenia Body Oil Spray is also $14. I love both products from Mi Spa, my sking has been fantastically moisturized and my nose is happy, too!


Georgia said...

Wow!! That was one drool-inspiring product description. I need me some Mi Spa!

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