Cool Find: Studio Numen

Every now and then I come across jewelry that totally wows me. I am not a person that needs something to be completely over the top wearable art (that's not actually wearable), it just has to be gorgeous. The jewelry by designer Margot di Cono does just that- it wows me. Every piece is as striking as the last with it's beautiful materials and organic styling.

Studio Numen has perfected the art of wearable art. The colors and textures combined with the organic shapes & top notch jewels makes this art that is truly wearable.

Unfortunately for serious jewelry shoppers, we can't shop online for Margot's gorgeous work. However, we can admire it. And, if we're lucky we can purchase it at a few galleries with a high taste level.
Current galleries include:
Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA.
Aaron Faber Gallery in New York, NY.

If you're looking to feel inspired, or just looking for something gorgeous to buy, check out Studio Numen and visit those galleries if you are nearby.

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