Product Review: Sweet As You Please soy candles

Once again it's that time of year where it's crisp enough to cuddle up on the couch with some tea or hot cocoa next to a fireplace... or, if you live in an apartment like myself, next to some candles since the whole fireplace in an apartment is against the law here (BS, I know!).

A week or two ago I received two candles from
Sweet As You Please.
They came packaged in pretty silver organze pouches.

Sweet As You Please is a small women owned business that creates deliciously scented soy candles in a few forms. What I mean by that is, you get your votives, your candles in a glass jar, and in my case, candles in a travel tin for travelling- I like the idea of using them on a candlelit picnic (now that sounds sweet). Oh, you can also get custom candles- neat, eh?

Blackberry Sage and Ruby Reds travel tin candles at
sweeetasyouplease.com. 2 oz. $3.50, 4 oz. $6.50.

One is a 4oz. travel tin and the other is a 2oz. travel tin. They are adorable. They look lovely inside and they are scented to match.
I have in my possession a 2oz travel candle in Blackberry Sage which has a really pleasant spicy, yet sweet blueberry pie thing going on. I smell this and I want to bake up a storm and get festive.
The other candle I have is Ruby Reds, which is sweet and fruity- perfect for lighting up next to your tub and relaxing.

The candles burn a beautiful big flame and the scent fills the room without being too much- thankfully it's not like walking into Yankee... wear you almost get knocked out. You know what I'm talking about. Sweet As You Please has found the perfect balance of scented without be overpowering.

So, this season, when you want some lovely scented candles that aren't traditional beeswax, go for soy candles at Sweet As You Please. Not only because they're long burning and scented perfectly, but you can get custom candles that are truly perfect for you.

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