Killer Find: Unchaste

I like accessories. Belts, wallets, bags, etc. You know what I'm talking about. What I especially like is when I find some that really stand out. Another bonus, when they are from an emerging company that caters to boys. Well, men, but I like calling them boys.

belt designed by I Love Dust, £70

Unchaste is a really small business run by to guys from London. Sam and Ben run the show, making things in limited quantities- another bonus of shopping with
emerging designers, nothing is mass produced and the chances of running into someone wearing the same thing you are is super slim. IndependentLuxe loves that.

belt designed by Six Black Roses, £70 - belt designed by Root Down, £70

At Unchaste, you'll be hit with the most
unique printed belts you've ever seen. Bold graphic designs that will be noticed from across the street, maybe from the end of a city block. That is how stunning the
belts at Unchaste are.

The Bride, leather wallet, £55

Lucky for the guys in your life that like fashion, Unchaste also offers
bad ass wallets. Above is my favorite. Designed by Marc Crane of
marcsbrain.com, The Bride is bold, mysterious, and eerie. I like that unusual combination.
Just £55.

Go buy something, please.
Sam and Ben deserve it and so do you.

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