Product Review: Scuba Bath Shop

Ok, so I think the products that Christy of Scuba Bath Shop sent in are my new favorites. I don't have one complaint or one nitpick or anything. ^.^

I received a basic cardboard box in the mail and was excited, of course. I love trying new things and reviewing them for my readers.
I opened the package up and was hit with beautiful fragrance with notes of flowers and coconut and citrus. WOW. It was amazing and I couldn't wait ot dig through the rafia that covered up the products to see what was inside.

Scuba Bath Shop Goodies

Inside there was body scrub, lotion, lip balm, and this cool scrubby pouch filled with sweet smelling coconut goodness.

Scuba Bath Shop Keywest Lime Lip Balm, $6

The first thing I tried was the Key West Lime lip balm. I don't think I've ever used a lip balm that went on so smoothly. It smells so refreshing and feels awesome on your lips. My favorite thing about this lip balm is that you don't have to reapply six thousand times a day to see and feel benefits- once this awesome stuff absorbs, your lips just feel silky smooth and totally moisturized with out any residue or sign that you had to use something to make you lips look & feel so fabulous. How cool is that?

Scuba Bath Shop White Palm Cocoa Cream, $10

My hands get wicked dry in the winter. The cold, dry air and my skin do not mix well- I need a moisturizer that does what it's supposed to do and I found it. The
white palm cocoa cream at Scuba Bath shops works remarkably well- you don't have to use much at all, which is a bonus, as well. The lotion smells amazing, it is fresh and creamy, and kind of sweet. I love it. The white palm cocoa cream absorbs ultra quickly, so I don't have to stand around freezing to death in my apartment while waiting for my moisturizer to absorb. It takes like a minute, seriously. That is really fast!

What I used next time I showered was the Kiwi Sugar Body Scrub.

Kiwi Sugar Body Scrub, $10

Whoa! It's awesome!
It exfoliates beautifully. It smells amazing. It feels awesome. Everything about it is, dare I say, perfect. Never have I used a body scrub that does it all well- when I opened it up I saw a beautiful, thick formula that smelled like cocoa and sugar, it was inviting to say the least. When I started to scrub, gently I might add, my body felt more smooth and soft then it has ever felt before. When I rinsed off what was left, my skin was so awesome! I swear, my complexion was even better- it's amazing stuff. When it dries, which is just about as fast as the lotion, your skin is thanking you repeatedly for being so good to it.

The last thing I tried from sanibel shower sackScuba Bath Shop was the sanibel shower sack. What is this, you ask? The sanibel shower sack is a burlap bag filled with cleansing goodness to exfoliate your body and make you look & feel amazing. It comes in several scents, which is nice, as well. I got the sanibel shower sack casa de coco and it's delightful. That kind of rhymed... You get 6 in a box when you order for just $18!

Sanibel Shower Sack, 6 for just $18 at scubabathshop.com.

If you've been looking for new body goodies, I really think you should check out the products at scubabathshop.com. Everything was awesome and I plan to shop there in the future, for sure.

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