Beautiful Find : Juniper Designs

You may have noticed cool necklaces and other jewelry popping up here & there, at larger boutique-like chain stores that use antique (or, in their case, reproduction) keyholes and keys, and other interesting trinkets.

My oh my, does it infuriate me when emerging designers get blatantly ripped off. This isn't to say, of course, that nothing like this has been done before- who knows what some designer made 20 years ago in Madrid that someone just made here and everyone thinks is new & unique.
To me, it doesn't really matter, design is about taking something and giving it a twist that makes it you. The style of the designer should stand out, and at Juniper Designs, you know it's Juniper Designs. Designers and materials together set things apart.

Back in May designer Jenifer Altman launched a collection called Pandora's Box. Each piece in the collection is designed with authentic antique keyholes embellished with Pearls and semi-precious stones. Each design is limited and genuinely original. This designer obviously thought about this collection before it even began- she built it from the ground up.

Some of my favorite necklaces in the collection are below. I adore the ornate details of the keyholes paired with the elegant delicacy of the Pearls and stones paired with them. The effect is unique and memorable.

They are incredibly, almost ridiculously, affordable at juniper-designs.net.

I grew up with parents who live the antique life, own a store, restore antiques, and hammered all of into my head from the time I was a very, very little girl. The keyholes used in the Pandora's Box Collection are rare and irreplaceable. In my opinion, each is truly one of a kind- though they may be built from the same cast, each one has unique impressions that make them one of a kind, even if they may look similar at first glance.
Get one of these necklaces while you can, they won't come around again.

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