on the lookout

As you all know (well those of you that read this thing regularly), I am always on the lookout for emerging designers.

I am pretty much set in the jewelry category, recommendations are coming in on a daily basis, which is great. I would LOVE to see some metalsmiths, so if you are one or know one, let me know.

My, oh my. If graphic tees were considered high end, I'd be all set. However, they usually aren't and I'd really like to see some garment designers that do dresses, pants, blouses, all that. Please let me know if you are one or know one!

Still seeking more handbag designers that work with leather. Are one or know one? Let me know!

Please, God, PLEASE! I don't know if I am simply a bad searcher for emerging shoe designers, but I am having very little luck. I am begging you to help me out- if you are a shoe designer or know a shoe designer or know of a store that carries emerging shoes designers, by all means, let me know.

Furniture and home related stuff:
Would love to feature more of this. Give me a heads up if you are a designer or know of some.


elleabelle said...

Check out mybonnieandclyde.com. They have a new handbag designer that is pretty cool. Vegen stuff...I like it and I am def. a steak sort of gal!!

Anonymous said...

check out www.stylesse.com for cool handbags