Loft Party - Modern Goods

I've been under the weather, so when I'm not coughing like crazy and my vision is working properly, I'm attempting to read email and look around for cool stuff.

Lucky for me, I found this awesome site called Loft Party today. The site features up & coming modern designers, as well as more established companies that care about their employees and the enviroment. Sweet, right?

Featured are a few things that I really liked.
The pillow is by a LA based brand called Amenity. It's run by two lovely ladies that make truly beautiful things. The branch pillow is $95.

The trio of dishes are by Precidio Objects. The platters are $14 each, the dinner plate is $8 and the salad plate is $6.

I bet you looked at the gorgeous object on the right and wondered what it is. Guess what it is? It's a cutting board! By far, the most colorful and unique one I've seen in ages. It's $27 by a company called Joseph Joseph- two twin brothers from the UK who sell their work in 23 countries.

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