Simplicity that works. Product Review: Lauren Goessling Designs

I am a fan of stationery. All of it has it's own personality. All of it says something about the person who's writing on it.

Lauren Goessling designs personalized stationery that is simple and pretty. Each sheet is about the size of a post card- well, probably the exact size of a post card. The paper is the weight of your typical card stock, so it's sturdy. I like the fact that this personalized stationery is not just on thin paper, but something that has more weight, and will last longer. We all know those notes we write are meant to be kept forever!

I was surprised when I opened the package and found a box that was obviously personalized for me with the initials of KM. How sweet is that? Getting me all buttered up. ;)
The notecards that were inside the box with brown envelopes were tied in brown polka dot ribbon: this is adorable.

Personalized stationery designed & created by Lauren G Designs. $28 for 25 pieces with matching envelopes, $50 for $50, and $90 for 100.

The personalized stationery for adults comes in 22 designs- from argyle to poppies to pretty borders, most people would find something they liked -even men- and I won't even get started on that.
Lauren Goessling Designs customers can choose from a number of paper colors depending on the design, 33 fonts (!), tons of font colors, and a good amount of envelope colors, as well. You can truly get something personalized to your tastes and that is important & appreciated.

When I was checking out the site, I felt comfortable. What I mean is, it was easy to navigate and clear as to how to order & that important stuff. Think of walking into a boutique, it's easy to check everything out without being overwhelmed or crowded. That is the perfect shopping experience and the Lauren G Designs website provides that completely. I am really looking forward to see her wedding and baby lines that are coming out soon!

For simple stationery that makes a statement, shop at laurengdesigns.com.


kstyle said...

I absolutely love this stationery line. How fun. Thanks k

Luxe Girl said...

Glad to hear it! The designer is a really nice woman, as well- that's always a bonus, right? :)