Hot shoes at T. Georgianos

I'm not really in the go into detail kind of mood right now. It's been a long day. But, mostly, I think it's because these shoes, especially the red ones, speak for themselves. Sexy, strong, and versatile, the shoes at T. Georgianos beg to worn.

The Red Python pump is one of the sexiest, edgiest, most fierce shoes I have ever seen. It says come hither and I'll kick your ass at the same time. Made by hand in Italy. $390

Boots are essential. It's going to be cold soon, rainy, and overall, dreary. Shoes help, so do fabulouus clothes. But, boots, they keep you warm and dry, and these are pretty flippin' sweet. The grey suede is versatile and they look buttery soft. These babies are handmade in Montebello, CA and cost $440.

I'm one of those people that likes the classics with a twist- in the case of this tan pump, you have a typical fall color with a not so typical cut. These will go with anything, any season, but they'll be particularly perfect for fall. On sale for $182.745 at tgeorgianos.com.

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