The perfect transition sweater. Designer: Lara Miller

I'm sitting home right now on the beautiful day and it feels like it's September. After that nasty heat wave we had to endure, this weather is a welcomed change. The cool breeze tells me that later tonight, when I'm at an outdoor party, I'm going to have to bring a sweater or something with sleeves. Finally, it's a little cool at night and I can have fun in complete comfort.

This sweater by Lara Miller is available at bio-nyc.com.
There are a lot of great things about it- first of all, the color is fabulously rich and will go with almost any color in the rainbow. The way the neck drapes is luxurious and the three-quarter length sleeve is appropriate for cool, but not cold weather. The look is elegant and unique. Available at bio-nyc.com for $180.

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