Product Review: Klean Bath & Body

Today's review is for a product by Klean Bath & Body called Yuzu Sugar Body Polish.

First of all, let me note the adorable packaging. Packaging is important to me. It tells me a little bit about a businesses professionalism. When a package is a delight to open, when you see it and smile- this is good, this is what getting something in the mail should feel like. Like a gift. And, let me tell you, this amazing Yuzu Sugar Body Polish is just that.

A little edu: Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that has a vibrant scent that's sure to awaken your senses and make you smile.

I could smell this beautiful product before I even took the lid off. That is really cool, and what's even better is that the sugar scrub is sealed in under that lid. This tells me the creator of this product cares about a few things- freshness, quality, and most importantly safety. The "sealed for protection" seal is appreciated greatly.

Now, let's get to the even better aesthetically pleasing stuff. I took that lovely seal off and saw beautiful golden sugar crystals that were complimented by actual Yuzu rind. What do I mean? I mean, you can see and smell that the fruit is actually in this polish. That is a really great thing to me, that makes this product have an awesome boutique, made from scratch feel. I appreciate that, I like knowing it was made with the real thing. That is just one of the things that makes it worth it.

So, I'm in the shower and decide it's time to test out this beautiful Yuzu Sugar Body Polish. Was it is beautiful to use as it was to look at and smell? Yes. Yes. YES! Loved it. Loved how it felt: it was exfoliating without hurting my skin like some scrubs do, the sugar is just firm enough to do the job without making you feel like your scratching your delicate skin to pieces. It was gentle and effective.
Another thing I noticed was how little you have to use in order to get that smooth skin that exfoliants and body polishes promise- I probably use less than a tablespoon each time to exfoliate my entire body. That is impressive, girls and boys. That is another thing, among all of the other things that make this product worth every penny and worth the wait of shipping- hey, that only took 2 days, I am impressed with Klean Bath and Body in every way.
Prices start at a tiny $10 and shipping is under $10 for regular shipments.

The body polish by Klean Bath and Body left my skin soft and incredibly moisturized. I love it.

As a note, I also tried Klean's Watermelon Klean Mist. It's light and airy and smells delicious.

Prices start at $9

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